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Thursday, January 19, 2012


Girls of CES Technology Babes Part 4

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So here is the last of the girls we found on the show floors and everywhere in between at CES Las Vegas.  We think we did a better job finding all these beauties then tech crunch or mashable would have.  And we'll have video soon!

 Skunk Juice Headphones had several familiar faces to Model Vanity at their booth
 I only was able to take the shot after i took some of their magazines. Fair deal.  Social commerce Magazine and one other
 A hot CES attendee.  Yes we even stop those girls for a picture.  You can only do it when your legit Model Vanity Photographer though.  Just works that way
 This girl was offering an all inclusive club hopping limo package for Vegas.  Seems like a good deal for 50 bux a person.  We'll have to check it out next time we're not working in the night time
 Sony elegance was captured at CES
 POWERBASS booth, and a very sophisticated model from CES 2012
 Limited Booth girl
 Its Kai - at Concept Audio Booth.  New line of headrest screens and earphones for the audiophile in you
 Which one?  The girl or the car?  You pick

 JVC car audio, they were a hit with these booth girls.  We think
 T-Mobile Booth lounge CES girl.  We didnt hang out.  We were too busy
 These gals are industry affiliates, not sure what that means - but while they waited for pizza MV flashed them with the camera
 Behringe has the best sound and booth babes for CES
 Bob Marley booth (HOUSE OF MARLEY), yes we can work together for a better world.
 She wants you to stay connected
Flip Case

If you didnt see the other galleries, click here to start OVER!  See you CES 2013 Booth Girls.

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