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Thursday, January 19, 2012


CES Promo Models Booth Babes Las Vegas Part 2

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A few more shots of the ladies of CES 2012.  Check out some of the hottest girls you didnt get a chance to see.  Comment us if you did see any of these beauties.

Steadi Cam for the iphone - I think..

 Latina Puerto Rican Booth babe interview from Fanny Wang Headphones - styles for the ladies
 Girls from the California Headphones Booth.  very rustic look.. yeehaww

 X-Mini Girls looking fabulous with the speakers that could be used as .......

 Variety magazine sponsored a few sessions and mixers.. we were delighted to attend a few informative sessions.  Our favorite was Digital Hollywood
 A waterproof product.
 Kia Motors and the model with the longest legs!

 AudioBahn Girl.. gave us a nice poster!
 Soul Headphones.  Looks like Monster Beats really started a trend this year at CES.  One of two big artists to back headphones.
 More Sould for you.. are you ready.  Do you feel it.  The bass?
 Yes, another day and another CES Daily to give away.  In the whole magazine, i only found 2 pages that were important to our press coverage.  I did scan it while eating lunch in the press room
Parrot makes this AR Drone 2.0  with HD cameras and tracking.  We're not sure what you would want it for, other then spying on people or checking out bikinis at the beach.  We'll do more research and find out.  personal DRONE for all

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