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Sunday, May 29, 2011


Photographers - Contribute your photos to MV Magazine!

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We are looking for photographers and VIDEOGRAPHERS from around the world who want to contribute photos or VIDEOS to Model Vanity Magazine. 

   If you enjoy Bikini Contests, Swimwear or High Fashion runway shows, Grid Girls on the Race track, and general summer fun at public venues and night clubs, become a press photographer for Model Vanity Magazine.

You will enjoy press access and behind the scenes VIP treatment as part of our staff photography team.  Gain more credibility and contacts in your local area and leverage our expansion to help you gain a clientele of future photo customers, or just do it to have fun. 


1) Casual photographers who like to attend events and shoot coverage.  You must be a person of professional character who takes press coverage seriously and enjoy working with talent and crowds.
You do not need professional equipment but experienced photographers are preferred.  Join us and have a little fun during your free time!

2) Studio photographers who work with talent and wish to display their work.  You have strobes, use assistants for help and have a portfolio of work and connected talent. 

3) Videographers with work posted on sites like Vimeo or Youtube can have editorial coverage with embedded media added on our pages for added exposure.  Your media must relate to our subject matter.

If you are interested in learning more about our photographer opportunities, leave a message below or on our fan page on facebook  or search "oscar vanity" on FB and send a message for further details (blank requests may not be added!).  If you prefer email, send it to oscar {at}, subject:  "Photographer for MV"  If you like to contribute and wish to remain anonymous that is fine as well.

Please indicate what type of photography you want to contribute and what part of the world you are from.  Si habla Espanol, tambien tenemos un sitio dedicado a Habla-Hispana!

We want to help expand photographer visibility and give credit back to those that participate.  We are undergoing BETA testing for a new system to allow more expansion for our photographers to showcase there work!

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