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Thursday, January 19, 2012


CES Promo Models Part 3

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Here are a few more hotties to check out.  This year we had quite a few to shoot.  We spent 4 days in sessions and in between raced the booths to do some interviews and catch some booth babes like the ones below

 So there was a large array of mainland chinese girls and models at CES.  The furthest south we found was this booth.  Making knockoff Iphone products for Venezuela and US markets.  I'm not sure - we never had a chance to do the interviews.  We'll just have to google AIGO and find out what we see
Estas Edecanes hablan Espanol asi que estuvo muy bien.  

 So we see the world liquid image but the name tags are flipped on purpose to protect the innocent, so we're not sure what booth this was at.  Oh well.
 Another set of CES lovlies.  They are from the same booth as the girl below
 XO Corporation at CES 2012
 OSCO devices and USB memory.  We love a girl with an accent, she had plenty of Russian accent and Russian Curves.  Or maybe she was slavic.  Not sure
 ok, this one was funny - IBalls - yup.. you put your ipad in this product with balls on the edge and it protects your ipad.  The best one we saw was a glove type attachment - most versatile.  We didnt photograph it since there wasn't a booth girl.  BOOTHS, hire promotional models next year! ALL OF YOU
 La chica de Venezuela.  Was walking the halls, so we had to stop her for a shot.  Think we did ok
 OK, beautiful models, CHECK.  Weird name branding.. check.  So is it NEWCO or National Electronics?. We're not sure.  But they probably make great products!
Cherple.  We remember them from last year as they sponsored Bikini Week.  They sort of compete with google voice, but dont have the breadth of product.  We'll check into them and see if we can use them.  Click here to check out PART 4

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