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Saturday, January 21, 2012


Spring Forward with Fashion: Top 10 Trends For Your Spring 2012

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                Is your mojo getting beaten by all the political mumbo jumbo that you hear all around you?  Is the cold snapping your once loose and happy disposition?  Yeah, the economy is quite dismal, and the snow and rain doesn’t help much.  But one thing you can always count on is an upcoming vibrant line up in the world of fashion and design.  In this world, those dark moody things you have to cover yourself up with in the winter…way back in the past…so one month ago.  Okay, it’s literally still upon us, but notice the title of the article, “Spring Forward.”  And this is fashion, where creativity and passion is never at a scarcity.  This is its lifeblood after all.  So, here’s to looking forward because this is the season for flowing comprehensive design and vivid brilliance.  This is the start of your Spring season style extravaganza. 

                Instead of reiterating all the fashions that have been showcased on various runways and by various designers across the globe, I thought it would be great to narrow the selection down to an elite 10 based on popularity, usage, and overall social practicality...I mean, if you can’t wear it in public, what’s the point right?  Here we go…

Tri-Color Contrasts

Spring 2012 Trend: Cheerful Color-Blocking

                Spring is when nature just bursts out and shines anew.  So, why not express the vibrant spirit of the season in what you wear, right?  Use the full range of the optical spectrum to pull this look off, but make sure they offset each other in a way as to visual intrigue and add character to your style.  I wouldn’t recommend going beyond three colors either because you run the risk of being too busy to the eye…keep it calm and work with a small palate.  Doing this will make it easier for you to accessorize.  It’s how you carry the thematic trio you chose that provides coherence to the whole picture after all.  Just work with it.

Animal Magnetism:  Birds

                There’s something about birds that just captures one’s imagination.  A symbol of freedom and soaring beauty which can emulate the grace and form of the modern woman, it’s not a surprise that the fashion designers of today would gravitate to such an attractive theme to utilize within their work.  The design is absolutely adorable on dresses.  The bird’s versatility in the human mythos makes it usable in various thematic representations ranging from abstract vivacity to something intricately vivid and telling.  Therefore, ladies, keep on the lookout because you might be seeing more of these coming your way…it’s a nice option to have.

Stylish Anoraks

Spring 2012 Trend: Anoraks

                For you ladies looking for a more sporty option for your Springtime exploits, nothing really does it better than a designer anorak, ¾ sleeve…there’s just something about it that just says you’ve got it going on walking down the coast with some short shorts and shades.  It’s an item that envelops your casual, active spirit with sleek sophistication…that’s a sensory combination that can only be described as a total head-turner.  Try it out and see how it accentuates the style and theme you’re going for.

Peplum Sophisticated

                Whether you’re looking for something that strikes in elegance or dazzles in dainty flare, a peplum is fun to utilize when showcasing the depth of your stylistic character.  I happen to think that this look is best used to cater to one’s exhibitionist spirit.  It’s an extension of the garment…kind of like an emotive boost to your thematic preferences.  For example, if you’re aiming for something flashy and glitzy, your figure definitely deserves a peplum that highlights the vivacity, energy and tone you are looking for, but if you’re looking to formalize your visual character, you might look for something less loud.  It’s like a wavelength monitor of your expressional mood.  It just depends where you are on this spectrum at the moment.  But when you decide where you are, go for it and don’t hold back.  Express yourself in how you feel your stylistic spirit leads you.

Baroque Print

                If you’re looking to be the princess of the ball, baroque influenced print and design might very well add that reverence of regality to your style you’ve been looking for.  Through its many interpretations, the style dazzles in an aesthetically sound collaboration between focal fluidity and intricate stability.  Strength within beauty is the appeal and what makes the look all the more classic.  Its dainty infusion into modern concepts of form and figure is also to be appreciated and is as much a part of the now as it is of what we have historically found visually intriguing.

Flowing Vivid Color and Pastels

Spring 2012 Trend: Oranges and Tangerines
Spring 2012 Trend: Pastel Shades
                Sometimes simplicity is just as sweet as it can get.  Ever wonder why guys remember the “Lady in Red” more than anyone else?  It’s the focus.  Singularity is powerful, but don’t forget it is also free form despite what your sensory synapses interpret as solid color.  A sole color can be molded, and it conveys a theme in a much unifying and cohesive manner than some of the most intricately colored designs because of the dominance of the singularity.  So, if you’re going for something light and pastel, you might think soft and flowing, gliding along like the springtime beauty you know you are.  But, you could even go further.  What does ocean blue make you think about?  I already gave you a hint, didn’t I?  You could search for an ensemble or dress that mimics the nature of that representative environment.  You could imagine something jagged yet encompassing like a sea shell, for example, and fit it to your form.  Or perhaps, you feel like you’re on fire lately and want the flames of your passion to swirl around you in fabric form, visually impactful and dynamic.  It’s up to you.  Have fun.  Think about it and see what you can come up with.

Drop Waist

                I call this the gunslinger look…shooting right into some lucky dude’s heart.  This continues with the theme of fluidity for this season as the garment is given the freedom to flow through its own design and character.  Really, it’s all about the belt in this one, being the anchor between form and fabric.  It becomes one of the most memorable pieces in this look because it’s an obvious focal point.  So if you want to be creative, you could even find another belt that suits your personal taste and accentuates your expressional dynamicity, while having other accessories expand on this theme.

Futuristic Prints

Spring 2012 Trend: Futuristic Prints

                The gleam and content of this style of print is an intriguing option for you ladies looking for something that awes in intricate design and expressional volume.  The major thing to keep in mind with this style is the framing.  In all of its flare and independence, you really need stability to provide coherence to this look or run the risk of getting lost in your creation.  For ensembles involving tops and bottoms, I really suggest just keeping the print either above or below the waist, but not both.  It just becomes too crowded.  Futuristic print one-piece dresses on the other hand are fine, but still a little framing of some underlying color could be useful in pulling off this particular style.  It’s a bit tricky…kind of abstract…but when you figure it out, you’ll definitely have that “wow” factor.

Matte Satin Fabric

                There’s something about this fabric that makes me think “Blade Runner.”  It just shouts smooth elegance in its shimmer and form…it’s like a new world order of fashion.  Obviously a perfect option for special events and occasions, this could also add a bit of flash to your everyday life when you’re looking to power through the corporate ladder with sleek confidence and professional sophistication.  It’s a very metropolitan fabric in my view and can be used in many ways you may see fit.

Metallic Skirts and Bottoms
Spring 2012 Trend: Metallic Basics

                Finally, we come to your party option…the metallic style fabric…I think the advice I gave for futuristic prints basically goes with this one as well due to the sheer loudness and impact of this style of garment.  However, I feel that this particular style belongs solely below the waist, keeping the torso at calmer tones.  I mean, the last thing you want is some guy to come up to you and get blinded by the gleam.  You want the focus on the top to be your face.  So, work the accessories, maybe even the makeup if you want (don’t overdo it though).  Get some brilliant earrings, a flashy purse, and maybe a bracelet or watch that matches that vibrant bottom.  Let all that brilliance frame the most important part…you…and you’ll see that this option works wonders even outside of the runway.
                In conclusion, there are so many things to look forward to when Spring arrives later this year.  So, get in on those clearance sales and prepare for the new things coming to you soon.  Remember, it’s you who makes the style, not the other way around.  If you keep that in mind, you’ll do great.  Good luck and happy shopping!

Hey, remember, Model Vanity isn’t just some dude talking about fashion and events…it’s really about you, the fans!  What do you think are the hottest trends coming out for Spring 2012?  I might have missed something.  So share your thoughts on style and fashion here now…this is after all…Model Vanity…

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