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Thursday, May 10, 2012


GLAUDI and Latinos con Corazon Designer Competition Part 1

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Twilight finally hit the busy streets of Los Angeles, CA on Friday, May 4th, 2012.  While many headed for the congested highways, soothing their stress with the anticipation of late night reruns of That 70's Show, others immersed themselves in their own nervous enthusiasm, the thrill of being recognized for what they do, the craft they are truly passionate about.  The GLAUDI and Latinos con Corazon Designer Competition atop the luxurious TenTen Wilshire overlooking one of the biggest cities in the United States was where many hopeful designers wished to make their presence known in the fashion world.  Showcasing styles ranging from the most vibrantly dynamic to the most boldly emotive, everyone in attendance could absolutely feel the spirit of the industry within the stylistic individualism, the unique character of the pieces, and the people who brought the artwork to life.  Here's a look back at a fantastic night of fashion.

 Design by Galeana

Model:  Laura Castillo

Model:  Prisilla Chavez
Design by Vanessa Ramirez

Model:  Emma Andersson
Design by Gabriella Gomez
Model:  Paulina Borrero
Design by Mercy Manrique and Mussa Inc.
Model:  Betzabe Arzola
Design by Stephanie Montes
Model:  Karrina Herrera
Design by Alexandra Jabaz
Model:  Danielle Kali
Design by Phernantha (Fernanda Campuzano)
Model:  Valerie Solis
Design by GoZo (Joyce Arciniega)
Coverage of the GLAUDI and Latinos con Corazon May 2012 Fashion event continues in Part 2 of this article featuring the fashion of GLAUDI by Johana Hernandez and notable celebrity sightings.  Don't miss out on all the glamour...
What design were you most impressed with?
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Editorial and photos by Nate J. L.

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