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Friday, May 11, 2012


GLAUDI and Latinos co Corazon Fashion Show and Celebrities Part 2

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The GLAUDI and Latinos con Corazon fashion extravaganza at TenTen Wilshire was indeed a grand night underneath the stars, but you didn't have to look up into the sky with any superhuman magnification to find some, right amongst you, upon that luxurious Los Angeles rooftop.

Johana Hernandez, the creator of the GLAUDI Collection, was just all pumped up to give that prized trophy to some new aspiring designer that night.  Perhaps at this moment, she remembered how it was getting to where she is today and the bright-eyed enthusiasm that all began with a dream that translated into reality.  As Founder and Creative Director of Latinos con Corazon she strives to share that experience with others encouraging the next generation of innovators and creators through the celebration of the arts, while promoting the well-being of those less fortunate.  This is afterall the spirit of the event.

Johana was joined by multiple time pageant winner Marielena Bravo, Founder and Executive Producer of Latinos con Corazon, who continues in her pursuit to inspire those around her with the same spirit of charity and good will she exhibited and exemplified during her three title reigns.

Univision's Jomari Goyso and television personality Crash Barrera provided some verbal color to excite the crowds for the stylistic brilliance that was to be showcased upon runway.

Puerto Rican Beauty Queen and Nuestra Belleza Latina 2008 title holder Melissa Marty served double duty, operating both as a judge for the designer competition and as a model for the GLAUDI Fashion Show segment.

Accompanying Melissa on the judge's table was actress and model Fernanda Romero, whose haunting performance in the 2008 thriller The Eye made everyone shiver at the thought of looking at themselves in the mirror.  In reality, there's nothing to fear about a lady who's just as giddy and enthused by this fashion event as we all were (I think she even took a picture of this shot with her cellphone).  She's just pure charm and a joy to be with.

I guess it's only fitting to end this coverage with a spotlight of the premier line of this event, the GLAUDI Collection by the talented Johana Hernandez.  Here's how it all went down.

Model:  Alaysha Monet

Model:  Brittany Ballard

Model:  Katrell Elina

Model:  Elizabeth Perez

Model:  Coralea Marie Posey

Model:  Elisa Duran

Thanks again to Johana Hernandez, Marielena Bravo and everyone involved for holding and creating such a fantastic night of beauty, art and fashion.  Model Vanity was proud to be a part of it...a true night to remember.

Editorial and Photos by Nate J. L.

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