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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


UK Babe Hot Sultry Cherelle-Rose

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What kind of Model Are You?
Runway (High Fashion), Glamour (Studio work including Lingerie), Bikini, Fitness, commercial   


Body Measurements?
34 27 34   

Hottest Physical Feature?

part time model   

Languages Spoken?

Special Skills
singing dancing   

Any tattoos?  How Many?  Plan on getting more?
Don't do tats   

Will you participate in Bikini / Gogo Competitions?
Hell NO   

How Long have you been modeling?
2-3 years   

Your favorite designer(s)?
Oooo christian louboutins, louis vouitton, herve leger and tiffany   

Favorite Clothing Store?

Favorite Supplement or Energy Drink
red bull   

Sexiest Man
drahmah because he's tall dark and very handsome   

Sexiest woman?
kim kardashian,love the killer curves and long jet black hair   

Sleep Naked?
nahhh,i like to be warm and cosy.  sleeping is the one time i dont need to look or feel beautiful   

Thong, Panties, Booty Shorts, Commando?
booty shorts,im all for the confort rather than the sexiness lol   

Favorite Digital Gadget?
cell phone wont and cannot live without it   

Favorite Magazines besides ModelVanity?
Fhm has the hottest girls its glossy and colourful.
Look Magazine the best for FASHION.
ok Magazine the best for Celeb gossip.   

Favorite Posession(s)?
One has to be my Makeup it works wonders.  I also love my teddy from my mister I named him dolce. 

Tropical or Cold climate?
tropical pleassse im a Caribbean barbie. i need my skin to glow and summer clothes r much hotter   

Hyper or Chill
chill.  hyper people get on my nerves if its the wrong time of day or wrong time of month i could strangle them   

Favorite Car?
a white porsche,  dont worry baby i will own it   

Favorite Music?
hip hop the only time i accept hyper people   

Favorite Artist(s)?
Drake,Drahmah and dats it    

Your Favorite Party town?
Hollywood / LA, Dubai, or UAE, London   

What was life like growing up?
I was a lucky youngster big house with Mum and dad a proper daddys girl always Gordan what I wanted a barbie almost every week Front Londons biggest toy department store.  Ive always been a good girl never been to much Of a party girl everything I needed was at home.   

Where you popular in High School
I think I was quite popular always in the middle Of something whether it be good or bad.   

Whats the first compliment you get?
It would normally been ‘you’ve got such lovley teeth' Of course I love it I spend time on them they are my one of my assests its nice wen its noticed.   

How did you get into modeling?
Im always asked this and I honestly cant remember.  I enjoyed watching Celeb reality shows always loved the glitz and glamour and looking beautiful.   

What was it like to pose for the first time?
Nerve racking didn't have a clue wat I was doing I could tell the photographer wanted to leave loool   

Do you still get nervous before a shoot?
I'm always thinking will the photographer like me or will the results be amazing.   

Favorite type of pose?
Anything sexy, tits out bum out tummy in and big smiles   

What makes a great photographer?
Great direction, patience,and a Creative eye.  also great at lighting and being friendly which helps the model to relax and feel comfortable.  my favourite photographer is Robert Player based in London   

Favorite Female Model?
My fav model is Elle Macpherson, timeless Beauty tall slim and sheek   

Greatest Modeling / Fitness accomplishment so far?
Winning Miss Bath City Great Britain.   

Tell us your most memorable shoot?
Has to be recently with Robert Player.  I had to be oiled down and sprayed with very cold water fun but look fab tho and will be launched on my new website.   

Any current exciting projects your working on?
I'm currently designing my website and doing lots of shoots for people to buy my images and 2012 calender.

Ever thought about acting
All the time big dream of mine ive done a freshstart movies working as a extra.LA here I come Tyler Perry I'm coming To find you   

What are your dreams or goals in life?
To lose a stone continue healthy eating and looking after my inside as well as my outside.
Complete my website.  Go back and study after all education is power.   

Like to travel?  Where..
I enjoy travelling I love egypt and kenya.  paris is beautiful.and also would love to go dubai.   

What makes you feel sexy?
Getting my hair done, nails and a pedicure.   

Anyone ever try to hold you back in life?
Watch out for my website.keep supporting curvy women and stay real    

Who has been the most inspirational person in your life?
My mum strong independent women.gets over things quickly and gets on wiv things.   

What can fans do to support your career
Watch out for my website.keep supporting curvy women and stay real    

Final farewell message to fans?
You are all fantastic thanks for reading.

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June 8, 2011 at 1:55 PM

wow, hot girl

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