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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Sexy CEO Taking over Las Vegas USA!

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Ashley Marie       

Modeling Website   

What kind of Model Are You?
Glamour (Studio work including Lingerie), Bikini, Tattoo or Goth, Spokesmodel (Speaking / Tradeshow talent)   




Body Measurements?

Hottest Physical Feature?
My booty and Boobs   

I host beer ppng events here in vegas, i own   

Special Skills
Beer pong champ!    

Any tattoos?  How Many?  Plan on getting more?
Ive got so many tattoos, yet i am able to cover them easily. I feel like i want to still be classy and look presentable in a tshirt and jeans. Ive got 16 tattoos as of now and i know in the future i will have plenty more!    

Will you participate in Bikini / Gogo Competitions?
YES I love stages   

How Long have you been modeling?
1 year   

Your favorite designer(s)?
When it comes to clothing and what not I try to get the most Bang for my Buck I love Levis, I love heels. Victoria Secrets is a great place for some good smelling things!    

Favorite Clothing Store?

Favorite Supplement or Energy Drink
Rockstar Lemonade   

Sexiest Man
Bradley Cooper, hes funny, sexy and successful.    

Sexiest woman?

Jennifer Lopez   

Sleep Naked?
Heck yes, its the most comfortable!!    

Thong, Panties, Booty Shorts, Commando?

Thong, no lines but still some coverage!    

Favorite Digital Gadget?
My cell phone, i CAN do everything with it!    

Favorite Magazines besides ModelVanity?
I love the magazines that feature inked models. that is the modern way or thinking and thats how us girls are now a days.    

Favorite Posession(s)?

My pup is my favorite. He is the cutest and always listens to me...and he doesnt talk back! haha.    

Tropical or Cold climate?
Tropical for sure, i cant stand the cold!    

Hyper or Chill
Im chill!    

Favorite Car?
Chevy Silverado!    

Favorite Artist(s)?

Hawthorne heights and Silverstein are 2 of my favorites! I love the screamo punk rock.    

Your Favorite Party town?

Hollywood / LA, Las Vegas   

What was life like growing up?
Life growing up was a good one, I have always been an independent person, since i was a child but i was always supported in my decisions and aspirations. my parents are very supportive and i am very lucky. Moving from Cali when i was younger to vegas was a great move because there are so many opportunities for me to be the best i can be.     

Where you popular in High School
I was very popular, i went to a school where i was in broadcasting and was on the school news every single day. Everyone knew who i was and i was friends with everyone. not stuck up, very nice and friendly   

whats the first compliment you get?
I usually get a compliment on my tattoos first, i definitely dont mind getting them.    

How did you get into modeling?
I was told i had a unique look multiple times so i started looking into modeling then i got contacted to shoot for a Ferrari calendar and that was the kick off of ashley marie the model!    

What was it like to pose for the first time?
The 1st shoot i ever had, i felt awkward! i wasnt sure how to position myself, but as i got into it, it came natural   

Do you still get nervous before a shoot?
I dont get nervous, i get excited!! I always have fun with it   

Favorite type of pose?
I love the pinup style poses!    

What makes a great photographer?
a great photog will joke with you, and have fun with it, give u compliments so you feel confident and make you feel comfortable.   

Favorite Female Model?
all time favorite model is betty page. i have a lot of the same style as her.    

Tell us your most memorable shoot?
most memorable shoot was for a river tubing ad, it was so funny trying to pose like i was in a river tube, when there was no prop! i couldnt stop laughing the whole shoot   

Any current exciting projects your working on?
im working on myself and hoping to become a well known model in the future!    

Ever thought about acting
I have thought about acting, i love being in front of the camera, but i prefer modeling.    

What are your dreams or goals in life?
My goal is to always be my own boss, right now im running a company of my own and i love it!! hope to be successful and have a family in the next 5-10 years   

Like to travel?  Where..
I love weekend getaways, but i def like to be at home.    

What makes you feel sexy?
i feel sexy when i wake up in the morning, just all natural.    

What can fans do to support your career
fans can follow me and check me out at
..always helping me win contests and being positive toward me   

Final farewell message to fans?
im happy where im at in life and i just want to succeed and thank all the people that have supported me and pushed me towards doing these things in life

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