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Friday, June 3, 2011


Time Attack Bikini Contest and Model Interviews

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    Hey there, MV fans!  It’s time once again to take an adventure with Model Vanity in its continuing pursuit to go where no timid little video gamer has gone before.  I know because I used to be one.  Then, my Playstation broke down, and that was like a total bummer because I was really getting into that Oblivion game.  You know how many hours I wasted on that crap?  I think I have it written down somewhere but don’t be like that.  Get out there.  Get some sun.  It’s good for you.  I mean, if you’re fantasizing about fighting off baddies to rescue a princess in a tower, wouldn’t you rather skip all those levels and just get to her already.  Instant gratification is what I’m offering you guys here.  No platforming or leveling up is required.  Just hop in your car, grab your Starbucks singing that little Frank Stallone jingle with your name in it, and get your ass to an event with princesses in it.  It’s a done without the 100 hours of gameplay you could be spending on making origami or whatever you want to do.  What?  You didn’t know there was an event with princesses roaming around?  Dude, where have you been?  You don’t have to go to Fantasia…just hit Fontana…

    The third round of the 2011 Redline Track Events series was held at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California on the 28th and 29th of May, 2011.  The drive was a little longer for me, but I happen to have a hefty amount of cinematic background action music to make it worth while.  That’s why I’m such an awesome driver.  Upon entering the venue, I formulated a plan that would make covering this event all the more easy on me.  I would follow Paul Walker, star of the Fast and Furious franchise and regular competitor of this event, and find some hot girls tagging along.  I hear girls like him.  Am I right?  Then, someone over the loudspeakers announced Paul Walker wasn’t going to be there the whole weekend.  What can you do?  You just have to do things the hard way sometimes. 

Then, suddenly, as I was headed for the tracks to catch a little breather from my drive, my senses were drawn to the open as something was approaching.  Was it a bird?  Was it a plane?  No, it was Michelle Yee, 2011 Miss Redline, winner of the last year’s Redline model search, and Model Vanity feature model.  She surprised me with her superhuman powers of flight…Wonder Woman got nothing on her.  She’s the real sky walker…

(Michelle Yee)

Okay…so, she was just sitting on the door and the car wasn’t moving.  Plus, this actually happened a little later in the day.  It would have been an awesome intro though.  I actually saw Michelle Yee coming out from the locker rooms near my location looking off into the distance.  I went over to say hi, and I was amused to be tagged with stalker status.  By the way, this would turn out to be the running joke of the day.  I mean, does being at all her events in the last three weekends qualify as being a stalker?  Don’t answer that.  She laughed it off immediately though.  I guess she saw my little shy grin of speechlessness emerge.  I was vulnerable.  It was too early on a Sunday morning.  I had no witty comeback.  (Here’s a secret…she messaged me before the event admitting she was following me…shhh…haha)  But in all seriousness, Michelle has been a pleasure to meet and greet these past few weeks.  Being the reigning queen of Redline, she was busy coordinating the event’s model search contest.  With a long day ahead of her, I didn’t want to bother her and said my momentary farewells.  She did inform me that she would be roaming around the venue with the competitors later that day, so that gave me something to look out for.  I’ll have more on Michelle later.

My trail to the tracks was halted once again by the vision of Amanda Smith, who was helping her friend out in promoting Night Motorsport Racing at the event.  The tall blond beauty was ever so gracious to pose for the first shots of the event coverage.  As you can see, she did an awesome job. 

(Amanda Smith)

    Then, I got hit by that all too familiar orange and black attack.  It must be the GXS Motorsports crew!  And where there’s GXS, be prepared to be introduced to some “Gorgeously X-cellent Spokesmodels!”  Hey, these guys know how to brand with command.  I like it.  Actually, GXS stands for “Goddesses and Saints,” but I was close.  I think I got the essence of “goddesses” pretty well in my little acronym.  Anyway, check out Rachel C. and Emily P. modeling the crew’s hot competition car at Fontana.

(gXs girls )

   Just as promised, Michelle Yee came out and led a fine line up beauties.  All would be competing for a spot in the finals of the 2012 Miss Redline competition set to happen later this year.  Take a look at the contestants before we get a bit more up close and personal.

    Remember how I said there would be princesses at this event?  Yeah, princesses!   Plural!  I didn’t mean only one…As Michelle Yee led the contestants around the grounds, I spotted Miss Pro Time Attack, 1st runner up in last year’s model contest, Cailin Mendes hanging out with some of her buddies.  I haven’t seen Cailin since she was promoting this event at SpoCom 2010, and she looked just as amazing as I remember.  I think she takes me back to a more innocent time in my life when I was glued to the tube watching Nick at Nite, dreaming of Jeannie.  You know that 1960’s show right?  That’s exactly what you get from Cailin, an unrestrained sucker punch of sweetness that just makes you forget the dark clouds and drizzle above.  A playful and ever friendly spirit, she can capture the eyes and hearts of any audience she’s in front of and leave you better off somehow, a great asset when competing for the attentions of masses of people at a live event.  Looking fantastic doesn’t hurt either.

(Cailin Mendes)

    Tagging along with Cailin was Miss MotoIQ PTCC, 2nd runner up in last year’s model search, Rachel Hoglen.  Though I never met her before at any previous event, I was absolutely stricken by her approachability and radiance embedded within a certain casual charm that you’d probably catch in that hottie at a beach bonfire who you can break open a six pack with and never get bored.  It’s kind of like that when you’re around her, which is refreshing.  When you’re representing a big brand, that relationship with your audience is a big factor.  It totally works.  I mean, if you had a buddy that looked like this, you’d keep coming back to see her, right?

(Rachel Hoglen)

Together, they make an awesome welcoming committee to the Redline events…

(Cailin and Rachel hanging out together)

    Later, I noticed that other media outlets had caught up with my “inside info.”  Well, anybody with eyes would have picked up on a group of ten to twelve beautiful women roaming the event.  I had to catch up.  I guess there was a buddy system in place because all I got were some really cute pair ups. 

Brooke Sovick and Justine Nichole

(– Justine and Brooke-) Hailey Pham and Claudia Judith Moran
(– Hailey and Claudia photo)
Tiffany C. and Michelle Kroesing
( Tiffany and Michelle photo)

    The girls took a stop at a garage, where I was able to catch up with the 2011 Miss Redline Michelle Yee.  This time I made sure I got some pictures of her in all her regality.  She does wear the crown well.

(Michelle Yee photo)

    Michelle then introduced me to Laci Michelle, who had recently won a spot in the finals at the Round 2 competition in Phoenix.  I was wondering why she was covering her eyes with these dark shades.  She mentioned that her eyes were watery.  She did take them off though, and you know what?  She was right.  It was like watching the Pacific sparkle from an elevated peak on a clear sunny day in Newport.  That’s the draw in, and then you notice her fantastic poise paired with a respectable and professional character.  Then, you’re just purely enamored.  I know what you magazine execs are thinking.  This is marketability.

(Laci Michelle photo)

Okay, now this is the segment that I call…”Raising the Bar with the Redline Royalty.”

Redline Royalty – Laci, Michelle, Rachel, Cailin) –

Don’t you feel fully charged?

    Soon, I went home.  No, I didn’t.  I didn’t even get to the competition segment yet.  So, yeah…I grabbed something to eat before the 12:30 PM call and hauled myself over to the stage area.  Now, of course you can’t have the MotoIQ competition trophies being handed out without Miss MotoIQ.  So, I know you guys wanted more of Rachel Hoglen, and you know me.  I’m a total giver.

(Rachel Hoglen)

    I actually got a Redline hat for inadvertently answering an audience participation question with my loud ass voice about the name of Miss MotoIQ.  I got it right and was immediately pegged a stalker again.  It made me wonder, “Michelle…what are you saying about me to your buddies, huh?”  By the way, the hat was awesome.

Miss Pro Time Attack Cailin Mendes also made an appearance to entertain the crowds before the Pro Time Attack awards were handed out.  Entertain…she did…

(Cailin Mendes stage photo)

    Soon enough, the announcer called for the start of the 3rd Round 2012 Miss Redline Competition to begin.  Of course, everyone roared in excitement.  Here’s the way it went down…

Contestant 1:  Brooke Sovick
Contestant 2:  Michelle Kroesing

Contestant 3:  Tiffany C.
Contestant 4:  Amanda Webster
Contestant 5:  Claudia Judith MoranContestant 6:  Justine Nichole
Contestant 7:  Hailey Pham

Contestant 8:  Maya Michelle Rew

Choose your favorites and keep reading.  You’ll find out the winner later in the article.

    After spending some time with some friends I have in a few different media outlets, I decided to get back to work.  I thought it would be good to get an extra look at our competition girls.

I caught up with the mesmerizing Tiffany C.  I loved how when I first met her formally that she just seemed so bright-eyed and amicable.  With every shot there after, she absolutely blossomed, and I saw her awesome potential to provide depth in photography through power of expression.  This presence really shoots out to the foreground nicely.

(Tiffany C. photo)

    Justine Nichole is one of those girls that makes you think of those wide newly paved roads lined with palm trees and million dollar properties.  You can see the Hills through her statuesque manner and style combined with that adorable touch of class she has in her smile.  Maybe it’s Maybelline?  I could see it…perhaps in a black and white version with a Parisian narrator.

(Justine Nichole photo)

    It was great to see Claudia Judith Moran in the contest and at the event.  She’s been at other shows like the DUB Show and Women of Perfection in the past, and she’s always been one of those girls that I enjoy conversing with.  She always pieces together a great string of photos with an appealing aura of positive energy that accentuates her fashionable stature and frame.  Here’s an example.

(Claudia Judith Moran photo)

    Hailey Pham can surprise you with some subtlety.  It’s almost as if she’s doing just the slightest changes in her positioning and expression, but it encompasses a whole array of emotions.  These economical shifts between differing states of personality and character could create some intriguing and multi-dimensional work for photographers lucky enough to shoot with her.  It’s like you’re peeling an onion, but you’re crying for a different reason. 

(Hailey Pham photo)

    Michelle Kroesing was another friendly face from the past.  Talking to her, I learned more about her strong dedication to her craft talking about a few awesome opportunities she’s been involved in since we’ve seen each other.  Michelle really gets you with her genuineness.  She’s like a burst of sunshine in every scene that seems to make you think of that first gaze from that girl you never got to date in high school, or maybe you did but just never forgot.  It’s that “aura of mystique in a familiar place” kind of feeling that she offers that can place her up high in your memory banks.

(Michelle Kroesing photo)

    Now, who could forget about Maya Michelle Rew.  If you’ve been a regular at automotive events such as SpoCom, then you really need no introduction.  Catching up with her, we ended up talking about drama.  People watch television for drama.  Who needs it in real life?  Then I thought about something.  I could show you another seductive and mind-blowing photograph of this amazing bikini and promotional model kind of like this…

( Maya Michelle Rew photo)

…but you guys already know that.  What you probably don’t know is how Maya would look if you were totally annoying her with some gibberish on her cell phone.  For example, if you’re calling her “Tita,” you better be freakin’ related to her and not a poser trying to sell her Slim Jims.  Heck, you better make sure people actually call her “Tita.”  Or else…

Maya Michelle Rew just makes it look good…
    Amanda Webster rocks!  That’s just it.  She just gives you a bit of grit and attitude in ever shot and you just get absolutely smacked by it in a really good way.  You just catch that unbridled confidence and sensuality, which makes you feel like hitting the open road on a Harley.  You only hope she’ll go along for the ride.  You can always dream though. 

(Amanda Webster photo –)

    I think the most interesting thing about Brooke Sovick was how she was so stoked to pose for pictures with that red Firebird instead of the Ferrari I was leading her to earlier in that morning.  She knew what she wanted.  She does something similar in front of the camera.  That strength of character while maintaining this certain youthful enthusiasm was a unique quality that can translate into something inspiring when captured in photography.  That combination tends to be powerful in any form of media. 

(Brooke Sovick photo)

    After the last track competition was won, it became apparent that it was time to find out who would move on to the finals of the 2012 Miss Redline Competition from the Round 3 group.  Miss Redline 2011 Michelle Yee was there when I arrived, getting ready for the final ceremonies.  With other photographers just standing there, I asked for a photo op with her “in front” of the awards table.  Of course, Michelle, being way too comfortable with me, jokingly misinterprets that as getting “on top” of the table, which she refuses to do of course with the fear of knocking over expensive champagne.  I think people were looking at me thinking, “He asked her to do what?”  Michelle was punk’n me the whole day.  But I got my vindication upon the reemergence of the “stalker” issue in which she explained to me and clarified to the whole crowd (and I quote), “I heart your stalkerness.”  Now, that’s what MV status gets you.  By the way, I have witnesses, and I bet someone has that on tape.  Anyway, I got my picture of Miss Redline in front of the ceremony table.  All was well…

(– Michelle Yee photo

The rest of the Redline ladies came out for a bit to greet the masses while the contestants got prepped for their final appearances.

 – Redline Royalty photo

    Soon, the ladies came out all dolled up in the Redline colors for the crowds to see one final time before the announcement.

( Contestants photo)

Drum roll…and the Winner of the Miss Redline Competition, Round 3 is…

(– Winner)

Congratulations Tiffany C.!!!  Round 3 Finalist for the 2012 Miss Redline Competition.

    The event ended with a good amount of farewells to some great friends.  I think we all got a bit lost in our conversations and strolling around, but we all eventually found our ways back to our rides, where we would drive out of the Auto Club Speedway toward our different destinations.  But I guess there isn’t much to be nostalgic about when the next great event might be just right around the corner.  So, watch out for more awesome model showcase events coming up soon, as Model Vanity celebrates beauty around the world.  The next one could be near you. 

So MODELS, if you see Model Vanity roaming around your neck of the woods, don’t be shy.  We heart your amazingness.  Share some with us and all your fans.  Get known!  Because in this industry, it’s all about the Vanity…Model Vanity…

Nate Long

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