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Sunday, May 29, 2011


its JDM Yo Models of 2011

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    It’s not that hard to figure out what Model Vanity is all about.  “Model,” of course, alludes to a personality and form that one honors as a source of inspiration.  “Vanity” in the biblical sense could have a bad reputation, but let’s be honest.  When you’re good at what you’re do, you must have some pride, both for yourself and the craft you commit yourself to.  It, in turn, boosts your dedication.  Dedication…now there’s another word.  That is Model Vanity.  We just love people who have pride in themselves and in what they do.  Then, you think of those whose efforts have put forth this culture, those people who have dedicated themselves in recent history in honoring this constant celebration of beauty we so relish.  Whether you’re thinking of the hottest cars, or perhaps, the most beautiful women, you really can’t ignore what the its JDM yo Crew has done for the scene.  So naturally when the news of their first year anniversary party came to our attention, we thought we’d celebrate with them.  I mean…the name’s even has the festive flavor to it.  It’s JDM yo!  I love saying that.

    The Its JDM yo 1st year Anniversary Super Meet was held at the Power Toyota Warehouse in Cerritos, California.  The drive was pretty standard, but when I got there, I was totally amazed by the traffic congestion.  I was thinking this was going to be just like Bimmerfest all over again.  But because some stingy lady wouldn’t give me any space at the right lane, I got lucky and did the old “gonna turn the corner at the intersection and circle back down the straightway” trick.  But just as I was feeling good about myself, I found the street packed with cars.  I had to settle for some parking a few blocks away.  Immediately, I knew the turnout would be fantastic for this event as swarms of spectators crisscrossed the blocks to find ways to the crowded warehouse center.  There was a great energy in the air this day indeed.   Later, I met up with the Model Vanity crew and went off to explore a bit.

    Here’s a question.  What is the first thought in your mind when you hit an event on a relatively hot day?  Do you think of NOS energy drink?  No, you think of a NOS energy drink being handed to you by an attractive NOS girl!  Okay, I’m biased to the male perspective, but it’s like an icy hot patch when you see a NOS booth.  You get that liquid iciness to dull that heat off and that lingering image of smiling hotness to relax your senses away.  Of course, people crowded around like crazy, trying to get some of that refreshment.  But we’re here for the fans too, so we found ways to get some of what you want.

(NOS girls group photo)

    Natalia Marie was at the NOS booth for this event, and she was looking as stunning as ever.  She’s one of those photogenic beauties, which you can capture from any angle with your camera and find a touch of serenity.  It’s always a pleasure to find her at an event.

(Natalia Marie pictures)

    Another familiar face at the NOS booth was Candyace Land (which is a really sweet stage name…get it…sweet…candy…nevermind…)  I caught her with Natalia at Formula Drift in the past and was happy to see them working together once again.  It’s like a tag team of cuteness.  Candyace was pretty busy at the event but she was gracious enough to allow me to take a few photos of her for the fans.  I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing more of her in the future.

(Candyace Land photo)

    Natalie Bee was a new face for me amongst the NOS girls.  She provided for an interesting subject of photography since she conveys a mild-mannered charm that draws you in little by little with every shot.  Didn’t shoot that long to figure out the whole story, but, I guess, as we see more and more of her at future events, we’ll find out more about this dazzling beauty.

(Natalie Bee photo)

    Heading inside the warehouse, we were able to find SpoCom tables, where we were reunited with some familiar faces and gorgeous new talent we’ve never met before.

    Contrary to what many people may think, the last time I saw Dianna Lushus was not during the Formula Drift:  Streets of Long Beach event.  No, it was on the LA Times and Channel 5 News here in Los Angeles, where she was promoting boxing great Manny Pacquiao’s new cologne, MP8 Scent of a Champion!  Well, Dianna could be a champion in her own right as she tends to knock people out with her patented superstar smile.  You always feel welcome when you meet up with Dianna, and this approachability is very effective at keeping up the energy at public events and promotions.  The Model Vanity crew had fun shooting with Dianna as always.

(Dianna Lushus photo)

Gina Darling and Tawni Nguyen were also at the SpoCom tables that day to meet and greet fans and attendees.  Both looking absolutely fantastic, they coaxed our cameras to point and shoot.

    Soon, Michelle Yee came by greeting all her friends at the SpoCom table in a very jovial mood.  If you can recall from the Bimmerfest coverage, she was rather distraught.  Talking with her briefly, she informed me that the whole incident turned out to be a prank and all was right in the kingdom.  So, naturally, happiness translates into some great photo ops.  Being that I didn’t spend much time with her last time, the Model Vanity crew and I were stoked when she invited all of us on a little journey to create some awesome images.

Michelle led us first to her friend’s awesome ride.  Yeah, sure, the car was cool.  But why did I barely notice it?  Oh, yeah…this is why…

(Michelle Yee photo)

Of course, when you’re shooting with Michelle Yee, you start to attract a crowd.  A particular car owner wanted the honor of having her pose with her car.  Michelle did her thing.  The Model Vanity crew also made sure to capture the right moment.

(Michelle Yee photo)

We finished with some fun in the sun, and Michelle really gave that fireball some competition.  Michelle just has this aura of sweetness that can transform unexpectedly into more powerful and commanding emotions.  That full spectrum range of expression translates well into many differing themes and forms of media.  It’s always an awesome day when Michelle Yee is around.

(Michelle Yee )

   After a little time outside mingling with old acquaintances, the Model Vanity crew headed back into the warehouse and searched for the all important its JDM yo booths.  You can’t go to a its JDM yo 1st Year Anniversary Super Meet and not go to an its JDM yo booth.  Now, can you?  I couldn’t.  Model Vanity couldn’t.  So, we went.

    There we found Raichelle Viado being eaten by Domokun!  You might have to look up Domokun in the Wikipedia, but pretty much, it’s a brown monster thing with small eyes and arms with a big mouth complete with sharp teeth…you get the point…maybe.  But then, there was a picture of Raichelle’s face looking all primal and fierce inside its mouth.  There might be a metaphor concerning this…I don’t know…and I didn’t get it.  But again, come to find the unexpected when meeting with Raichelle Viado.  That’s all I have to say about that.  Anyway, here’s Raichelle outside of Domokun’s mouth and into your hearts and minds.  All in all, you can’t find a bigger personality in the import scene than Raichelle Viado.  She always bombards you with her flirty good looks matched with an insatiable thirst for life.  She’s just an incarnation of positivity which is very attractive.

(Raichelle Viado photo)

    Nearby was the amazing Tracy Linh, who we’ve met at shows like XDC and Women of Perfection.  A very classic and exotic beauty, Tracy is always a favorite for numerous photographers to capture because of the elegance she’s able to put forth almost intuitively.  Here’s an example of her artistry.

( Tracy Linh photo)

    Last but not least, Model Vanity couldn’t leave the event without greeting Amy Fay on the launch of her new website,  Model Vanity would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Amy Fay on this awesome milestone in her career.  Of course, our coverage wouldn’t be complete without “a touch of Amy,” as well…

(Amy Fay photo)

    The end of the day came at that foreboding hour of 6:00 PM on May 21st, 2011.  Yes, the world was supposed to end at that time…but maybe it did.  If your world was all stress and distress, then aren’t you glad it changed when you went to this shindig?  It’s time to start anew and live it up.  Let the celebration of beauty continue onward and into the future as Model Vanity takes you to more events featuring the hottest women you’ll ever see.  For now, get some sleep…stop looking at those hot pictures…not really…you can look if you want.

So MODELS, if you see Model Vanity roaming around your neck of the woods, don’t be shy.  We’re just curious to see if we could find the next big thing in modeling.  That’s all.  Do you mind if that’s you?  You shouldn’t.  Because in this industry, it’s all about the vanity…Model Vanity.

by Nate Long

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