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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Sexy Tattoo and Glamour Model TNT Tauna Models in LA

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NAMETNT Tauna     

Modeling Website   


What kind of Model Are You?
Runway (High Fashion), Tattoo or Goth   



Body Measurements?
32, 25, 35   

Hottest Physical Feature?
Booty  (we were promised a booty shot.. still waiting) 

Office Manager   

Special Skills

Any tattoos?  How Many?  Plan on getting more?
I have 6 tattoos all together. Two doves on my chest, a hebrew inscription right over my heart, a tribal flame on my right ankle, a red star on my left shoulder, and a phoenix on my right arm.    

Will you participate in Bikini / Gogo Competitions?

How Long have you been modeling?
I used to model as a child and got back into it 3 years ago.   

Your favorite designer(s)?
Bettie B Dangerous Swimwear
Stop Staring Clothing
Patricia Field
Fredrick's of Hollywood

Favorite Scent:
Estee Lauder Pleasures   

Favorite Clothing Store?
Fredrick's of Hollywood   

Favorite Supplement or Energy Drink
XS Energy Drink   

Sexiest Man
Ewan McGregor because he's Scottish, ginger, and floats my boat lol.   (He was in a good movie called Rogue Trader

Sexiest woman?
Angelina Jolie because no matter what she does she is drop dead gorgeous. I've been a fan of her's since Hackers. (OMG that just made me put on the sound track on youtube Halycon, haha)  

Sleep Naked?
No, only on occasion like during naps on a summer day otherwise it's too uncomfortable.

Thong, Panties, Booty Shorts, Commando?

Favorite Digital Gadget?
My HTC Evo   

Favorite Magazines besides ModelVanity?
Juxtapoz because it has a ton of underground art and photography. I see amazing art in there I would never otherwise see. Not really having an artistic mind myself, I'm blown away at what some people come up with.   

Favorite Posession(s)?
My sewing machine. I love to alter and change my clothes.    

Tropical or Cold climate?
Definitely Tropical, I hate being cold.   

Hyper or Chill
Typically Chill   

Favorite Car?
My new 2011 Hyundai Sonata, I love the way it looks and drives.    

Favorite Music?
I love house music or electronica. I listen to mostly anything though. I like to mix it up.   

Favorite Artist(s)?

Your Favorite Party town?
Hollywood / LA   

What was life like growing up?
I was taken away from my mother when I was 10 years old due to her drug abuse. My father has never really been in the picture, I mean I know who he is and where he lives but haven't seen him in 10 years. My best friend's family was kind enough to take me in at the age of 13 even though they already had 4 kids of their own and I lived with them until I moved to go to college. I consider them my immediate family and continue to visit them often. Without them I would not be the well adjusted member of society that I am today.   (editor is trying to adjust, and had an easy childhood)

Where you popular in High School
Although, I knew most people in school and hung around with a wide variety of people, I was involved with a legalistic Bible thumping evangelical church so I'm not sure that I was all too popular in High School. I was also a bit of a tomboy so I guess you could consider me a late bloomer.  

whats the first compliement you get?
The first compliment I get is usually on my tattoos or my hair. I enjoy getting compliments about the coloring on my tattoos but I don't enjoy getting asked if they hurt getting them. I usually respond with no, they were licked on by kittens because I tend to be a bit of a smart ass like that lol. Part of the meaningfulness of tattoos is the pain of the process. No pain, no gain as they say.    

How did you get into modeling?
I modeled as a child on runways in Hawaii and wanted back into it when I was a young teenager. I sort of lost that dream when I didn't grow as tall as I was expected to. Both my parents are 6' tall but I stopped growing at 5'3 for some reason so high fashion was out of the question. I got back into it in 2008 when I was inspired by tattooed pinup girls because it doesn't matter so much how tall you are or what your measurements are and tattoos are welcome. So I started out doing a lot of pinup inspired photo shoots and as I grew in confidence I ventured out to other genres.    

What was it like to pose for the first time?
I was a little nervous for my first photo shoot but mostly excited. I practiced a lot in the mirror and had my husband take a few pix of me so I could see how to pose etc. I'd say it turned out well for my first time.   

Do you still get nervous before a shoot?
Sometimes. If there's a large crowd watching me or if I'm having a hard time interpreting what the photographer wants. But for the most part I'm doing what I love and I enjoy every minute of it.   

Favorite type of pose?
I wouldn't say that I have a favorite pose. I really try to do something different every time. I'm always trying to expand my horizon and learn what I can do differently in every shoot.   

What makes a great photographer?
A great photographer knows the female form and knows what angles look best. They aren't afraid to snap too many shots and are constantly trying to catch beauty in motion. I've worked with so many wonderful photographers choosing a favorite would be like choosing a favorite star in the sky.   

Favorite Female Model?
My favorite model is Mosh ( She is an alternative model and she rocks every shoot. She inspires me with all the crazy sexy poses she does.
Other more known favorites are:
Cindy Crawford
Kate Moss
Naomi Cambell   

Tell us your most memorable shoot?
My most memorable shoot was with photographer Neerav Verma ( on the corner of Grand and Wilshire Blvd. in Los Angeles. I was modeling in the streets while people were bustling about their business and of course staring. I got a few cat calls and honks from motorists. Fun times.   (we call that guerilla style)

Any current exciting projects your working on?
I've been venturing out into the world of makeup and trying some new stuff with incorporating jewels into the makeup. I've also been working on a few sewing projects and modifying my wardrobe.    

Ever thought about acting
Acting is not really my thing. I'm open to the idea but I wouldn't say it's something I'm good at doing.   

What are your dreams or goals in life?
My dream is to be doing something I love and make money doing it. Not many people can say they are doing that these days. I hope that it would be modeling or something in that field but with the economy the way it is now I'm not sure that will be happening in the near future. I just keep moving forward and hoping for the best.    

Like to travel?  Where..
I LOVE to travel! If I could I would tour Europe. England, Spain, Italy, France all of it.   

What makes you feel sexy?
A good workout and a great hair day make me feel sexy.   

What can fans do to support your career
Like my facebook page:
Follow me on Twitter:!/tnt_tauna
Keep up with my blog:
Keep checking back on my website: I'm hoping to get a subscription page so you can get all my new photos in your inbox!   

Final farewell message to fans?
Thank you for the continued support and I look forward to sharing my work with you!

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