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Friday, May 13, 2011


Sexy Tattoo Model Sarah Marshall is a small town girl at heart

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Sarah Marshall

Modeling Website


What kind of Model Are You?
Glamour (Studio work including Lingerie), Bikini, Fitness, Tattoo or Goth, Spokesmodel (Speaking / Tradeshow talent), Mountain Bike and more



Body Measurements?

Hottest Physical Feature?
my tattoos,

model and waitress

Languages Spoken?

Any tattoos? How Many? Plan on getting more?
“i have 13 tattoos. (left foot and leg, both sides, chest, 3 on right arm, both wrists, behind both ears, and inside lip
i do plan on finishing covering my right arm my back and a couple more on my left leg "

Will you participate in Bikini / Gogo Competitions?
YES I love stages

How Long have you been modeling?
3 years

Your favorite designer(s)?
"im not a designer person i grew up in the country so my designers are cabellas, carhart and anything flannel or camo lol
brown boots, no jewelry... "

Favorite Clothing Store?

Favorite Supplement or Energy Drink

Sexiest Man
dark hair tattoos and fit, why? its what turns me on

Sexiest woman?
olivia wilde

Sleep Naked?
sometimes, usually in some lingere nighty dress

Thong, Panties, Booty Shorts, Commando?
depends on my mood but i go every way

Favorite Digital Gadget?
macbook and droid

Favorite Magazines besides ModelVanity?
"the only magazines ive had are about hiking, mountain biking, outdoors etc.
i am featured in Risque las vegas magazine a few times as weel as Vegas Rocks magazine though "

Favorite Posession(s)?
macbook, droid, pets, and my truck of course

Do it yourself type?
hell yea i always do everything myself i prefer it that way

Hyper or Chill
both, depends on my mood. usually hyper i guess

Favorite Car?
toyota pickup & ford F350

Favorite Music?
country music

Favorite Artist(s)?
johny cash, colt ford, hank williams jr

Your Favorite Party town?
San Diego, Las Vegas, Puyallup

What was life like growing up?
growing up i lived on a farm. i spent all day every day feeding and cleaning up after animals and workin in the garden. after i moved out i spent my days working on my truck in the garage with my friends and my nights in the woods 4wheeling, mud wrestling and drinking beer and whiskey at the bonfire. i moved to vegas to get out of that small town and miss it more than anything and am going back home soon but still want to be a model.

Where you popular in High School
"i was not popular in high school i spent all my time in aviation club and AP classes. i guess i was considered a nerd
but i lettered in cross country, track, aviation and i also did soccer basketball and sports "

whats the first compliement you get?
usually "nice tattoos"

How did you get into modeling?
i was at a movie premier at the Planet Hollywood Casino and a girl came to me to ask if i ever did any modeling she introduced me to the photographer she was with Shaun Goodrick with Las Vegas Glamour he did my first photo shoot and got me my first paid gig, a music video he also got me in my first printed magazine

What was it like to pose for the first time?
i was nervous for a little bit but i ended up taking playboy style photos and everything was good, turns out i had too many tattoos for playboy

Do you still get nervous before a shoot?
i dont get nervous before shoots anymore but i am nervous for a bikini contest i have coming up

Favorite type of pose?
facing the camera straight on leaning to one side slightly

What makes a great photographer?
someone who gives good imput on poses and makes you feel comfortable

Favorite Female Model?
never really paid any attention so i dont really know of any

Greatest Modeling / Fitness accomplishment so far?
2 page spread in Risque magazine and the 3 calendars im in for ferrari lotus and the rally in the valley

Tell us your most memorable shoot?
"on the beach in san diego
we were topless shooting covered in sand for a jewelry catalog and the police showed up and kicked us off the beach. we had to finish the shoot down the beach where there was only border control they did not care "

Any current exciting projects your working on?
i am in the spy on vegas hot 100 contest, trendspike magazines summer goddess contest, and las vegas top model contest

Ever thought about acting?
thought about it but always get too nervous to go to the casting i get invited to

What are your dreams or goals in life?
to become an airplane mechanic and get my private pilots license

Like to travel? Where..
i love to travel. i have traveled only within the states, florida, omaha and california but i would love to go anywhere

What makes you feel sexy?
working out, being fit tan and havin my tattoos

Anyone ever try to hold you back in life?
ya a guy once and i let him for a year before i dumbed his sorry ass

Who has been the most inspirational person in your life?
i havent had anyone in my life that sticks around for long. its hard to make friends here in vegas and my family is back in washington "

What can fans do to support your career
check up on my website and facebook randomly i am often in contests online that i always need fans to vote for me

Final farewell message to fans?
i just want to say thank you to those who support me and keep in touch and up to date on whats going on in my life. i try to keep my websites updated at least weekly

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