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Thursday, October 28, 2010


Time Attack Chick Michelle Yee

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Name: Michelle Yee
(or Modeling Page):
Height: 5’4
Weight: 120
Measurements: 34-25-32
nationality: Filipino

Occupation: Event Coordinator (corporate), Marketing Manager –, spokes model and import model
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, Tagalog
Special Skills:
Racing cars and riding motorcycles, I’m a down to earth girly girl who can hang out with the guys
Participate in Bikini Contests (y/n): Yes J
Favorite Designer: COACH, the coach store next to my house knows me by name
Favorite Clothing Store: Nordstrom, they have the best service….hard to get away from smiling faces
Favorite Photographer?
Runway / Glamour / Fitness? Glamour and Fashion
Favorite Energy / Fitness Supplement? None, I’m high on life and have only taken a sip of an energy drink my entire life…..but have to say Boba drinks are my weakness…
Sexiest Man? Have to say Sexiest men J Chris Brown, Drake, Shannon Brown, and Paul Walker
Sexiest Woman? Myself J - if I had to chose someone else it would probably be Vanessa Bryant, she’s beautiful and has everything including the best man on the bball court, Mr. Bryant himself
Do you sleep naked?
I wish – I’m always cold….
Thong, Panties, booty Shorts, Commando? Depends on the occasion. Booty shorts are my fav, but don’t work with everything
Your Hottest Body Party?
Other than my amazing smile J I would have to say my hips – I know how to use em  (MV Agrees!)
Favorite Digital Gadget? We’ll keep this PG -13 and I’ll say my phone. It’s the original Droid and I LOVE it. Can’t wait to get the Droid X as my Christmas gift to myself
Favorite Magazine besides ModelVanity? Cosmo, DSport, Maxim, PAS Mag, Live Subaru,  (many more to name) and good old Event Meetings Magazine
Favorite Possession (pet/phone etc)? My two sons, they are the cutest Yorkies in the world. They mean so much to me, they even have their own wardrobe….gotta look cute where ever they go.
Do it yourself type? (y/n) Most definitely. I’m super independent and a go getter. Not waiting on anyone to carry my bags J
Tropical or Cold climate? Gotta love the tropical climate, but I love the cold – it’s good for one thing…..well two….snuggling up with a nice cup of hot chocolate.  (MV Prefers Tea, does a body good =)
Hyper or Chill? HYPER. Most people say I don’t need soda, or energy drinks because I’m always hyper. I’ve done 2 days without sleep and was still up and about… life
Favorite Car: SUBARU! If I had to pick a make and model, I would definitely be the 2006 Subaru WRX Impreza Special Edition….it has leather, oh did I mention I also am a proud owner of that model J
Favorite Music: House music, anything that would keep me entertained in my dancing shoes
Favorite Artist(s): Carpenters (I know it’s so 70’s), Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Janet Jackson, and right now Bruno Mars…..his songs make me rock out in the car (I sing in A minus flat so of course with the windows all the way up)
Best Party Town = Vegas ALL THE WAY
and NOT Dubai = I would chose my town….feels right

What was life like growing up? Life was amazing; surprisingly I remember most of it. My parents took care of me and my siblings really well, I’m a daddy’s girl so what I remember most is my dad bringing me a gift every time he came home from work. Although something small it was always meaningful. My parents taught me values and respect, I think that’s why I am who I am and where I am today. I played sports, was a prima ballerina, and hung out with friends and family as much as I can…..and if we’re getting into teen years I remember the parties….but that’s another story. Overall my childhood/teen time was amazing. Life was and is still good
Where you popular in HS? Not to be cocky….but yes. I knew almost everyone. I was known, or known about (NOT in a bad way)
What is the first compliment you get? “You have an amazing smile”
How did you start modeling? Ballet, as a prima ballerina I did shots for smaller magazines and print ads
What was it like to pose the first time? Difficult, I remember I was on my right foot, on my toes holding a position already hard to hold when your moving. Keeping my face looking pretty, I guess it was ok.
Do you get nervous before your shoots? Only if I don’t know the photographer, or don’t have my assistant with me, otherwise no usually. I think the excitement of knowing I’m doing a shoot is more exciting.
How long have you been modeling? 6 years

What is your favorite type of pose? Right hand in hair, left hand on neck, chin up, sex look
What makes a good photographer? Being able to work with the model, I’m not a cookie cutter model and don’t want you telling me how to pose – that makes it boring. Also a bit of humor helps, I laugh about 75% during my shoots because it makes something so serious fun – a dead personality kills photoshoots
Who is your favorite female model? Novella Nikita. She is going to kill me for putting her info on here – but I love her….she’s simply amazing
Greatest Modeling/Fitness Accomplishment so far? Becoming the spokes model. I helped the Founder build the company up and wanted to raise brand awareness for Subaru’s and what better way then to be a Subaru model? I love talking about my favorite brand, and when the opportunity came up to be a part of it I think it was a huge milestone in my modeling career. I love it. My second would be winning Miss Redline Timeattack Fontana 2010. The Redline Timeattack team is amazing and I love attending their events and hopefully my brother will be running in 2011 for the title J
Tell us about your most memorable photo shoot. Most memorable photo shoot has to be my very first one. It was with a small time photographer (he was an EMT/Firefighter) and he made sure I was comfortable and got to do my own wardrobe.  I was having sort of a down day that day, and he helped make it an amazing one but keeping me smiling.
What do you do to keep fit?  My legs, my stomach (aka the 4 pack), and arms….want to stay away from flapper arms
Any current exciting projects your working on? Lots of secret stuff, one really big one is in the works….let’s just say it involves a calendar…and not much clothing J hehe
Ever thought about acting? Yes, but everyone says my facial expressions could never be held back….if I feel it my face says it….maybe one day
What are you dreams/goals in life? Dream (hopefully a dream come true) is to be on the front cover and have a spread in Maxim magazine. I love the magazine and think it’s amazing and I’d love to do a feature…one day. My Goal (right now) is to get on the cover and spread in DSport magazine. J That magazine is not only amazing – but I have to show up the other models since I actually drive a car that I can take on the track *giggles*
Where will you be in 5 years?  I’ll be at a management position at my corporate office, probably at a shoot for Maxim, own another home, and maybe another Subaru. My goals are what keep me going on a daily basis, most of which if I go back 5 years from now I’ve accomplished.
Do you like to travel? Love to travel, it’s part of my corporate work and part of my modeling career. It’s amazing to see how things differ from California, and how people are different. The world is an amazing place.
What Makes you feel sexy? Being comfortable in my own skin. I’ve met too many people that are so unhappy with themselves, and it makes me cringe. I love myself and that makes me feel sexy…I know I’m sexy….so I feel it….also wearing something sexy and leathery helps too
Has anyone ever tried to hold you back in life? Yes, but I don’t let it hold me back. It’s not anyone’s opinion that matters to me. H.A.T.E.R.S – Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success…
Who has been the most inspiration person in your life? My parents. My mom because she’s strong, successful, beautiful, wonderful and loving. My dad because he’s amazing, handsome, powerful, strong, enduring and sweet. They both played a huge part in my life and I want to be like them when I grow up…..and to this day this still love each other with every beat of their hearts….it’s really corny because they’re old but it’s ok.
What can fans do to support your career? Keep supporting me without them I wouldn’t be where I’m at either, and for the “haters” I’ve already described what you guys are.

Any final farewell Message for fans? Don’t forget to check out and read stories about me and Subaru’s, check out my photos, become a fan on Facebook, and tell Maxim to look out….a new model is going to be hitting the cover of their magazine very soon. Xoxo – Michelle YEE

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