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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Autocon LA Models and Import Promotional Talent 2012

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Autocon LA Talent appearanes and promotional import models 2012

Europrojektz collective modes showing off the rides at the show

Alexia Cortez as the Toyo Tires booth.  Catch her at many events.  We hope to run into her at Magic Show Las vegas and pool trade show

Long Multicolored nails and a great personality always encountered at a show in Southern  California automotive scene.

Nikita Esco meets and greets her fans at the model lounge at Autocon LA 

Stance wheels and their model Xena Kai

Vertini Wheels models were also present including this catwalk model stature young beauty

Vertini Wheels glamour model and sports athlete turned model!

Very excited to see our camera!

 always a welcome sight when you see lingerie or stalkings on promotional models

the import fashion girls showing off on the dance pole to end the show.  

Autocon LA Promotional Talent and models now on Model Vanity Magazine.  Images by Oscar Vanity

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