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Friday, May 25, 2012


Bimmerfest Promotional Model Highlights

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When you think of big events, nothing is bigger for a BMW owner than heading to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena with their shined up ride, ready to showcase it to the world in one of the biggest automotive gatherings in Southern California...Bimmerfest.  While you're sure to get a lot of attention from an international field of enthusiasts, be aware that you might also be catching the eye of some really gorgeous ladies.  So, just in case you're planning on participating next year or have never gone to this event, wondering what to expect, here's a little motivation to get that ride extra spic and span and possibly douse yourself in some cologne.  Make sure you're as fresh as possible because that California summer heat isn't the only thing that might make you sweat.  Here are some of the faces and personalities that made Bimmerfest 2012 an extra special experience for everyone involved.

Jessyca Rayanne representing Avante Garde Wheels

Shendelle Schokman representing Avant Garde Wheels

Megan Belet representing Stance Wheels

Xena Kai representing Stance Wheels

Shaunae Stovall representing Vertini Wheels

Raichelle Viado representing Stealth Auto

Lynhthy Nguyen representing Pyspeed

Eva Skye representing Toyo Tires

Sandra Wong representing VMR Wheels

Fallon Hawk representing Horsepower Freaks

Amber Grace representing Need 4 Speed Motorsports

Deanna Webb representing Nitto Tire

Vivian Nguyen representing Sonix

Chava Laub representing Sonix

Manda Shileikis and Giovanna Icamen representing Vossen Wheels

Cynthia Camacho representing MRR Wheels

Sol Salguero representing MRR Wheels

Mary Zhao representing LTBMW

Sally N. representing Morr Wheels

Chrissy N. representing Forgiato Wheels

As always, Bimmerfest delivers as one of the best events in California to view and appreciate some of the most amazing BMW's from around the world, while meeting and greeting some of the most amazing promotional modeling talent active today.  With every facet of beauty in such perfect harmony, who could pass on having yet another great Bimmerfest experience when it comes back to the Rose Bowl next year?

Editorial and photos by Nate J. L.

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