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Friday, April 13, 2012


Formula Drift Streets of Long Beach Part 1 The Umbrella Girls

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Well, Spring is in the air.  With April upon us, the year-long drifting season revs up with one of the biggest events in Long Beach, the first round of the Formula Drift championship series.  The LBC has become somewhat of a pilgrimage spot for many talented drivers to test themselves, placing everything on the line to one day become the best.  In order to do that though, they need to get some shade.  It's hot out there.  That's when those gorgeous umbrella girls with the cute colorful outfits really come in handy.  Really though, these amazing women contribute a lot towards making this event all that more special for the competitors and spectators that attend, and much is to be appreciated about the spirit and enthusiasm that they help create at such an already action-packed event.  This is a tribute to these fabulous ladies who did such a great job this year.

Alexia Cortez representing Monster Energy

Danielle Lo representing Hankook Tires

Erica Nagashima representing Hankook Tires

Megan Belet representing Hankook Tires

Vivian Nguyen representing Hankook Tires

Julie Galindo representing Falken Tires

Olivia Korte representing Falken Tires

Melanie Tillbrook representing Falken Tires

Randyl Dawn representing Falken Tires

Now once you've cooled down in the shade, you can always count on a beautiful NOS Energy girl to quench your thirst.  But don't worry, they also have umbrellas if you need it.  That's shade and chilled giddiness rolled into one for you the spectator.  Often times though, the mere sight of these lovely ladies is soothing enough...

Kylie Kucinski representing NOS Energy

Julie Mai representing NOS Energy

Stacey Dee representing NOS Energy

Anna Jensen representing NOS Energy

Watch for continuing coverage of Formula Drift: Streets of Long Beach here on Model Vanity as we reveal some of the best shots of this 2012 season opener in Part 2 of this coverage...

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