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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


HIN Hot Import Nights Model Talent Photos Part 1

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Hot Import Nights, March 10th was held at Fairplex in Pomona.  Once again the import automotive and aftermarket scene joined with music, stage shows, dancing and entertainment.  Below is photos of the featured talent from this wonderful event.  Photos by Oscar of Model Vanity Studios.  Captions of talent coming soon

How about that leopard red bikini

Benilda is a gogo dancer from Florida!

Booth girls and promo models everywhere

do you like tattoos on your models?
 style from import fashion
Girls from Al and Ed's Autosound

 More Al and Ed's ladies - reppin east Pasadena

 backside booty from one of the motorcycle booth models

 the model lounge with Jenni Lush
a nice Infiniti with a hot model

Nikita Esco getting ready to wow the crowd on stage

 bikini girls everywhere

 Pink bikini from kandy shop and also Pinkini
 Latinas and Hispanic models show off the swimwear and latest sexy fashions

JOIN OUR FAN PAGE on facebook to see all the shots of the show by all our photographers.  Part 2 images on the next page

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