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Thursday, February 2, 2012


LA Fitness Expo Promotional Talent Review

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               Around the festivities of the holiday season, there is a bit of a lull in the action, as they say.  After you got that embarrassing Christmas sweater for the 13th time and found your ex frenching some douchbag that always calls you “buddy” on New Years, you’re just itchin’ to look for that next great weekend.  I mean, even if it was good for you, it’s like chilly out there.  You want to just stretch out, get out, and build your adrenaline.  But in January…there isn’t that much to be excited about usually.  I know you’re straining your eyes at those darn online schedules.  It’s tough to find something.  I know.  But I tell you, there has always been one beacon of light year after year upon the dawn of every year, where you can re-accustom yourself to being around some of the hottest talent in the world.  That, my friend, is the Los Angeles Fitness Expo.

                The 2012 Los Angeles Fitness Expo was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from the 28th to the 29th of January 2012.  This event features some of the most gorgeous fitness modeling talent from across the globe joined by some fresh faces aspiring to reach for their dreams and a few familiar faces we’ve seen in different segments of the modeling industry.  It’s always been a fun, positive experience that always gets you going for the start of the new event season.  This year wasn’t any less amazing thanks to some of the talent that made it out to this spectacular celebration of beauty and wellness.  Here are a few highlights from this year’s LA Fit Expo.

Pleasantries with Alex Zerega

                Probably one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet live and in person, Alex is an accomplished model that that has spanned many different segments of the modeling industry through her sweet approachability and embracing professionalism.  Such qualities have made her a fine role model for anybody interested in fitness and healthy living and could be regarded as one of the most complete personifications of beauty you’ll ever see in person.

Getting Giddy with Amanda Latona

                Amanda is just one of those people that just engrosses you with the spirit of well-being.  Heavily admired worldwide for her dedication to the truly fit lifestyle, she is a gracious disciple of the message she bears.  Every Fit Expo, there’s like the biggest line at her booth.   Amanda takes the time for her fans though…every person at that line…giving them advice and getting in tune with their goals.  The thing that you get from her though is this total camaraderie and humor that she puts into her interactions that just makes you feel totally awesome.  Asking for a few pictures from her, I got a little taste of the spirit and personality of this fine talent.  Noticing I wasn’t only going to take one, she got in tune with her inner Madonna and just struck several funny poses in a row.  It was hilarious.  But that’s what you get when you meet Amanda…all sorts of shenanigans…a whole lot of fun.

Working it out with Angela Legg

                Angela was one of the new faces that I saw that just exuded charisma…she just worked it out through every shot with such charming youthful vivacity, it was just intriguing to see what she would do next with the props at her disposal.  And when she did something, it often led a few people around her booth to crack a smile.  That goes a long way these days.  Not only that, but she kind of has this expressional focus that is playfully unserious and whimsical, yet at certain split seconds could be emotively deeper…she’s interestingly pleasant and versatile.  I guess that’s why she kind of stands out to me…hint, hint companies who need some representation…

Desiring Desiree Anderson

                Yeah, all I had to do was look at every guy and follow their line of sight to find this beguiling beauty.  There’s a shimmering smoothness in her demeanor that just gets you all dreamy-eyed in a sort of emotive stasis, mesmerized within the focus of her softly penetrating gaze.  It’s this power within grace and expressional confidence that just makes you think this girl has the dimensional appeal to take the world of fashion, art, and glamour by storm.

Donna Lazarescu to the rescue…

                If you came into the Fit Expo looking for that weekend remedy for the weekday follies, you definitely found it at the mere sight of the lovely Donna Lazarescu.  Expressively brilliant with depth in control and content, she’s dynamic in her conveyances and frames the whole picture within the grace of her poise and form…absolutely seductive in her innate sophistication.  I was kind of bummed I didn’t get to meet her at a previous event last year, but seeing what she had to offer for the event this time around…it was well worth the wait.

Vampire Hunter Heather Clay

                Heather Clay is the caped crusader of the Fit Expo.  Every year she has sported some of the most eye-catching attire you’ll ever see outside of an Anime convention.  Last year, I guess it was the year of Wonder Woman.  Everyone I knew was Wonder Woman for Halloween (some guys too…unfortunately).  But I guess they all did so after seeing how Heather rocked the look on January…absolutely jaw dropping.  This year, it wasn’t so obvious, but I had to figure it out just in case I needed to do a trend report later this year.  Apparently, she didn’t know either.  So, she asked my opinion on the matter...I went, “Okay, there’s a silver rapier blade with batty armor and boots…”  My conclusion…she has to be a half-blood vampire hunter with a silver blade that can kill werewolves…yeah…of course being like so darn cool, Heather says she liked it.  I don’t know, I wish I could have thought of something more creative…like Xena french kissed Dracula, got bit on the lip, and went on a rampage because he kissed and told…I was on the spot…I’ll be more ready next time.  

The Sweet Heart of Jennifer Swift

                This cage queen and representative is around a lot of toughness in her work life, and her rock n’ roll good looks, which fuses delicate smoothness with disarming expressive strength, could even make the most dedicated MMA fan botch to pronunciation of the word gogoplata.  But above all else, the quality that stands out most about her is the kindness of her heart.  I met her last year at a modeling event, and I was totally enamored by her genuine appreciation for her fans and followers that came by to show their support.  This time around was no different.  My favorite Fit Expo moment this year really came while I was waiting for the start of the Ring Girl competition and one of her little fans came up to her at the judging table to get an autographed picture.  The segment was behind schedule and things were still getting prepped, but she set aside her time for this one little girl, talking eye to eye with effortless sincerity and enthusiasm.  That was something special.  This was just one of the many examples of the connection she develops with her fan base that makes her in my view one of the big promo superstars of her industry.

One-on-one with Jupinko

                All I can say is “Wow!”  Jupinko is the epitome of fitness and poise, so much so that you could probably teleport a Renaissance sculptor to present day, and he might never come close to duplicating the inherent artistry in form and aesthetic power this model exhibits in every movement.  Every shot from my camera showcased the hard work and dedication she had put into making herself a Fitness America Champion and one of the most dazzling ladies you’ll ever lay eyes on period.

The Katya Koplenko “It” factor

                There’s an even flow and tranquility in her demeanor that touches you with a hint of the immaculate yet powers into your desires with acute chicness…kind of transports you into that black and white commercial featuring some ambiguously named fragrance.  It’s simple elegance…effortless, smooth, and daintily feminine…she tends to make you lose yourself in the romanticism she can create. 

Close encounters with Lauren Vellanoweth

                If you’ve been to the LA Fit Expo before, then you know how crowded it can get as the day rolls on, mostly because many celebrities such as superstar MMA fighter Tito Ortiz make it out these events to meet and greet their fans.  Lauren was like in the middle of all of that energy and excitement when I met her, both of us shoulder to shoulder with other people crowding around the fighter’s signing booth.  We made the best of what we had and got some really great shots.  As you can see, she’s just a natural charmer with a sleek seductive flare that just revs up your senses through penetrating emotive value and ravishing form in movement.  With gorgeousness like this, who needs space?  Every shot is total quality…

I know you…Maya Michelle Rew

                If you’re a fan of the import/drifting scene, then you know what an event with Maya Michelle Rew is like...a total slobberknocker of awesomeness, dude…that’s what!  I was walking past her booth and just pointed her out right there.  She goes, “Of course, I knew you’d be here.”  I was amazed at what she might be inferring.  I’m not at all her events…just like 97.45% of them.  Though visually enthralling and mesmerizing with an amped girl-next-door charm that makes your mind hallucinate that wind and smoke machines are going crazy behind her with your heart playing Pitbull beats in the background, I feel that she just shines like none other during live events.  She just has an unmatched charisma that is teasingly pleasant and definitely fresh and vibrant to the last.  Unpredictable and full of humor, she’s the ultimate mood quencher, and it shows in the photography often.  For the picture above, I’d call that my Maya Michelle Rew peek-a-boo moment…spontaneous and full of personality.

LA never looked this tempting …LA Temptations

                I first met the Lingerie Football League’s LA Temptations at this event two years ago, and every year, it’s been such a blast to hang with these talented and gorgeous athletes.  I think I make them a bit shy with the amount of shots I get of them sometimes, but it’s only because I believe they cover the full spectrum of what people universally consider beautiful.  You see them smile and you instantly fall in love with a softness of charm and amiability.  But make no mistake.  These girls play hard on the field, with bodies forged in the heat of battle.  They are a fusion of power and grace that entices both the spirit and the senses into communion within the honor and pride of competition.  I have much respect for what these women do on a daily basis…the training, sacrifice, and drive.  I think the picture above of team member Natalie Jahnke sums it up quite nicely.  I think her teammates were cheering her on her posing prowess during this shot too.  It turned out great though…you can totally see it…beauty within perseverance. 

Miss Sunshine…Taylor Matheny

                The best way to end this floor report, I feel, is with this picture of Taylor Matheny.  I mean besides the obvious bombshell figure characterized by a physique and statuesque form that could rival even the most seductive representations of a Grecian goddess, she could very well be one of the most brilliantly expressive women I’ve ever encountered.  She glows with an aura of positivity that is infectiously inspiring and motivating, qualities that represent the soul of this grand event.  It’s kind of like what Jack Nicolson said in that movie long ago…just makes you want to be a better man…so dude, take care of yourself…do the L.M.F.A.O. and work out!  Let that smile be your motivation.  If that doesn’t drive you, you’re hopeless…I tell ya…

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