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Monday, December 5, 2011


Hot Import Nights HIN Sexy Models and Import Babes LA

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Fellow car enthusiasts from the tri-state area came out in full force to see the over 100 models and gogo dancers compete on stage for cash and prizes.  This is a car show, and ONLY a car show.  No drifting, or bike tricks or anything to take you away from lights and dazzling autos and custom show cars.  Below is a sample of the vast amount of models and gogo entertainers our cameras found at the LA show.  From the Model Booths to the vendor booths, it was a showcase of the hottest ladies and magazine cover girls in the import auto industry.

MODELS Appearing include Veronica Lavery, Olivia Korte, Katherine Claire, Aprile Cheryse, Arika Sato, Megan Belet, Carissa Rosario, Holly Winnard, Vanessa Olson, Gina Tee, Holly Lee, Leticia Loera, Gabby Jeanne, Jenny Milstead, Jeri Lee, Jessica Byrd, Maria Alvarez, Alysson Holt, Ashley Malia, Ashley Caple, Domenica D'anna, Honey Siong, Jennifer Gonzales, Jenn Trann, Kaylee Alana, Lily Wang, Lisa La, Natalie Bee, Xena Kai, Amor Rojas, Britt Ann Klein, Leeza Zain, Alysson Holt, Antionette, Emily Sears, Kay Bay, Amy Fay, Challis Taylor, Kat Reil, Leah Lin, Leng Yein, Sivan Krispin, Vanessa Phil,

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