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Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Spocom Models and Import Babes heat up Anaheim

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For every season, there is a beginning.  With that beginning comes the distant notion of the eventual end.  It’s kind of like what the Oracle was talking about in the Matrix Trilogy…kind of…without all that hostile stuff in between.  We’re talking about fun here, after all.  No worries.  But the same concept applies to our experiences across the board of consciousness.  It’s the fundamental order of nature constrained by the principals of time and space.  Things build up and eventually slow down.  But before a “slow down,” something must reach an apex, the pinnacle of something’s fundamental essence.  When thinking time, you might wonder about astrology, where conveniently upon the last days of July and the majority of the month of August falls under the sign of Leo, the lion.  With the lion traditionally recognized for its regality and precedence over all other creatures in the jungle, you really can’t put him down on some lame part of the year where there’s nothing to do.  No way!  The lion needs to be there representing the best of what the year has to offer.  Well, maybe you guys working the nine-to-five for several years nonstop don’t see anything special about it now.  Just think back to when you were in school and your classes were about to start in late August though.  You’ll get the point.  Those stars know what they’re talking about.  It’s do-or-die time, and you better “do” or you’ll regret it.  That lion is staring you in the face telling you to carpe diem the crap out of your life for once with his persistent, repetitive monotone urge for you to do it…do it…do it…So, often with this buildup of emotion and expectation, you start thinking of space.  What’s the biggest and best place you can hang loose and celebrate?  You just put everything and everyone into that party and make it a legendary experience, right?  Exactly!  In my years researching the car culture modeling scene, I’ve come to associate the enormity of this time of season and the principles engrained within it with one event in particular…one who’s name spawns a pilgrimage of the most beautiful cars and women from around the United States through a mutual appreciation of style and beauty…this is SpoCom…

The first tour stop of the 2011 SpoCom Consumer and Tradeshow was held on August 6th, 2011 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California.  This was a new venue for the show, and it was bigger and better than ever.  Basically, you could lose your sense of direction since your sight was drawn to everything from stage dance shows, autograph lounges, and booth giveaways…with cute girls of course.  For me and the Model Vanity crew, there wasn’t really a steady progression of discernable thought getting in there.  We were just caught in a tempest of awesomeness that really took us along for a hell of a ride across a gigantic showroom into the mesmerizing gazes of more than 70 of the most gorgeous ladies on the planet.  Now, I could go on and on like I usually do with a sequential account of my journey, but really, that would entail writing an autobiographic novel.  I won’t do that.  What the hell do you need to know more about me for?  It’s never really been about me or Model Vanity.  It’s about these amazing and talented models.  In the words of Jack Black and Tenacious D, this is a tribute…

The 2011 SpoCom Models we encountered in first name alphabetical order:

Alexia Cortez – Probably one of the most well known faces on the scene today, her brand of enrapturing, seductive smoothness has propelled her into numerous publications, ads, and live event work, but she still takes the time to visit with her fans on her less than stellar days, which tells much of her dedication and graciousness to the people around her.

(Alexia Cortez photo)

Alisa Ali Marie – Sensual and alluringly demonstrative in front of a camera, she lights a fire within you that leaves an impression that speaks of her keen understanding of emotive impact by creating thought provoking movement in her compositions.

Alissa Rae Ross – Her brightness and clarity of emotional projection makes for quite an intriguing subject of photography, as well as an amazing presence to behold in person.

Amy Markham – The models weren’t the only ones looking great at the event.  So was the press, as Amy was there covering the event for another media organization.  We first met Amy at XDC/Remix in Irwindale earlier in the year as an official Remix model and were always struck by the expressional power she infuses into a piece of photography that represents and showcases that innate strength and driving independence within the modern woman.

(Amy Markham photo)

April Joy – She’s exactly how her name sounds.  She delivers a fresh vibrancy into any piece of photography while maintaining something hauntingly soothing that mimics the tranquility of springtime.  

Arley Elizabeth – Her natural and unabashed expressive quality beams sunshine into any situation making her a draw at any event she’s involved in.

Ashlee Arika – There’s this clarity about her that speaks of something very genuine and touching to the soul.  She seems a bit familiar…maybe because you saw her in your dreams.

Ashley Tyler – Delivering heart-pounding magnetism through expressive focus and control, she is able to entice and mesmerize through a piece of photography, making her one of the newer talent at the show I was quite impressed with.  

Ashley Estrada – Returning to SpoCom from last year though neglecting the black cocktail dress this time around for something else fitting the summer daytime weather, she showed again why she very well could be the total package…sweet and charming yet also alluringly enchanting.

Ayanna Jordan – Finding her at the SpoCom booth at Formula Drift: Streets of Long Beach was one of the draws of going to this event for me.  Her demure elegance surprises you with powerful emotional content within every shot you take of her, which tends to tease the senses.

Bad Aby – There’s nothing bad about Aby unless you don’t appreciate a kick ass, gorgeous woman who is creative enough to build her own clothing brand.  And if that’s you, you totally suck.  So, be cool and check out her custom clothing line at

Beckie Joon – You always find a chic fluidity of form and expression in any series of shots you take of her that touches upon themes of the most enticingly majestic.  In essence, she injects undeniable emotive value into any photo you take of her.

Bunnie Kim – Adorable to the eyes and warming to the heart, Bunnie Kim is just sweetness incarnated.

Chaba – One of the more recognizable faces on the scene, she always seems to give a little “sugar” through an inviting amicability that somehow spices you up with the force in which she projects a purity of emotion.  You just have to wonder if she enjoys teasing us like that…

Christine Barnum – I don’t know why I get the vibe of naughty school teacher…I guess it was the glasses and this proper balance of expression and poise that she carried herself with.  But I have to say, the rest of her was way “rock and roll,” which made her a great subject of photography in the thematic variance she provided.

Christine Mendoza – You just can’t say enough about this uncanny gentle sensuality she possesses, which through its seductive prowess has made her an icon in the import industry especially to the Hot Import Nights fandom.

Corissa Furr – There is really no need for introduction when speaking of this superstar.  She is a fine symphony of style and spirit, as she exudes playfully engaging elegance in both photography and interpersonal interactions.  She’s just so gracious and humorously responsive to all her fans, which lends to her longevity within their memory banks.  Such traits have taken her images and personality into numerous publications, as well as television with a recurring role in the Spike TV show “Manswers.”  I learn everything from that show, you know…

Crystal Leigh Forbes – Her alluring harmony of expressional character charms like artwork, which infuses an aura of inspired sophistication upon a photographic composition.

Daneira Baray – With chic charm and fanciful grace, she leaves an undeniable dazzle upon a piece of photography.

Darling Darla – With cuteness enveloped in an expressional confidence that is playfully tempting, she could definitely be the darling of any event, even one as big as SpoCom.  

Diana Ochoa – A sensual vixen albeit subtle in manner, she always tends to deliver photographic work that treads on the line between themes of the most piercingly enamoring and those of the most delicately sensual.

Dianna Lushus – Her enticing radiance could probably dissipate rain clouds in the way she projects positive expressive fervor into a photograph.  You just feel good seeing and shooting with her.

Eh Vang – A beauty seemingly born out of our summer fantasies, she presents something satisfyingly familiar and relatable through a genuine, unfiltered expressional nature that sparks a youthful vibrancy within all of us.

Ela Pristine Pasion – Suave and balanced, her presence in front of a camera is emotively soothing, but she also has the ability to create sensual dynamicity with an intuitive control of poise that captures the imagination.

Elena Rose – When shooting with her, you are struck by a vivacious integrity of expression and character that is endearingly delightful.

Eliza Tee – Emitting a steady glow of charmed vitality, every snapshot is a sensory oasis that uplifts one’s spirit.

Elle Navarro – Dashingly effervescent in her poise and emotive projections, she breathes passion into any compositional piece, which speaks to our idealistic views of that casual beauty you’d love to meet someday.

Gabby Jeanne – This magazine cover model charms with an effortless sincerity of emotive conveyance that is highly relatable and emotionally immersive to a viewer, but also through her consistency from shot to shot, she tends to delve you deeper into a focused emotional response, which might mimic the very much popularized “tunnel vision.”

( Gabby Jeanne photo)

Genevieve Chanelle – Statuesque in form with expressional boldness that blasts into the foreground, the beauty tantalizes with acute seductive sophistication that leaves any onlooker helplessly enamored.  

(Genevieve Chanelle photo)

Gigi Kim – Delightfully vibrant with endearing purity of expression, she gives a viewer of her photographs a glimpse into the realm of unadulterated beauty.  

GracIe LAcie – Inviting and alluring with focused confidence and grace, she made quite an impression upon many attendees at the show, as well as photographers who marveled at her presence.

Gwendolyn Kaye – Powerfully enthralling with expressional elegance, she could very well be the incarnation of the term bombshell with the constant bombardment of unabashed passion she can stimulate in her photography.

Honey Jo – You are immediately taken by her delicate subtlety, which combined with the gentleness of motion within a piece of still photography, teases with tantalizing potency.

Jasmin Pacheco – Direct with unfiltered emotive clarity, she lights up a scene with a brilliance that is nothing short of glamorous.

Jennifer Trujillo – There is something really quite tranquil in her expressive quality that provides depth to a piece of photography in its economy and steadiness, yet she also somehow creates heart-pounding drama in her dynamic poise, thus causing a duality in a viewer’s emotional response.  Plus, she’s also one of the nicest girls at any show to talk to, and she keeps it real.

Jeri Lee – One of the most recognizable superstars of the scene, she infatuates us at live events often with an infectious adorability that seeps into your sensory synapses, only to get overloaded upon beholding the subtle and artful poise she inherently possesses.  No poses…nothing too fancy…just the Real Jeri Lee…that’s good enough for anyone.

Jeri Lee photo)

Joselyn Cano – She made one hell of an impression at SpoCom last year, and she did it once again in 2011.  This beauty enchants with a dainty expressional subtlety that provides emotional dimension to a piece of photography.  I kind of think it as a modern day “Mona Lisa Smile,” which intrigues in its interpretational variance due of the pure calmness and peace in her manner that is innately artful and chic.

Julie Mai – We met her at Wekfest in Long Beach earlier, and the trait that always seems to make her stand out is this active joviality that spurns an optimistic euphoria within you, matching the aesthetic attitudinal glow associated with the beach season.

Julienne de Leon – When shooting with her, you just get a vibe of smooth coolness perpetuated by intricate expressional control that projects strong enticing emotion into the foreground of photography.

Kai Lansangan – Through a consistency of expressional gentleness paired with an intuitively statuesque frame, you feel the touch of something quite immaculate within her photographs that glamorizes the traditional essence of feminine character.

Kay Bae – Keenly aware of the relationship between movement and emotive impact, she delivers a concentrated form of lucid sensuality that is direct, confident, and highly alluring.

Kaylee Alana – Charming in the sincere serenity she projects, she brings a little piece of heaven into any photographic work she helps create.

Kerryann de la Cruz – She has a rich dimension of expression, which can be alluring gentle and yet forged from an underlying confidence and drive that in a way references the intriguing cohesion between femininity and unfaltering grit.  Oh, yeah, did I tell you that this girl is a prize winning competition driver?

(Kerryann de la Cruz photo)
Kimberly Wong – Ever since I first met her at this year’s LA Calendar Motorcycle Show, I’ve always taken to heart her pureness of expressional brilliance that is adorable and engaging at any live event.

Kristy-Lei Juan – An aura of gentle pleasance is what creates a subtle sensuality that seeps into her photography and captures your imagination.

Kylie Oshiro – You find a striking power and strength in the confidence of her poise and demeanor that injects a sensation of subtle enticement from the sweetness of her gaze.

Lauren Ashley – Tantalizing and pristinely ordered in her conveyance of vibrant emotional content, she alludes to traditional principles of what is understood as universally beautiful, which fill her images with an honest sense of venerable class.

Letty Loera – Sparkling glamour leaps into the foreground of any photographic work that captures what she has to offer, a sensual vivacity, subtle yet inspiring, that is rich in emotive influence.

Lily Zenna Wang – She always finds a loyal audience with her cutesy charm and an invitingly adorable swagger that keeps everyone amorously amused in her radness.

Lisa La – Visually penetrating with a gaze that suggests immaculate innocence, she enchants with an aesthetic purity that dominates and transforms the tempo of any photography despite the scene.

Lyna Ly Sparks – With a youthful brilliance that interplays in graceful subtlety with the sensuality of her poise, she fascinates any photographer or event attendee with varied dimensions of intricate drama.

Malaya Diaz – Staunchly elegant in expressional control with an underlying beguiling flare, she has the ability to guide a viewer through the depths of passion with even just a single photograph.

Maya Michelle Rew – A familiar face to the SpoCom event series, she’s been a constant fan favorite due to her enlivening, inclusive spirit, which translates photographically into compositions that are vividly honest, real, and relatable to one’s casual experience while catering to an unbounded positivity that is universally admirable.

(Maya Michelle Rew photo)

Michelle Sanchez – (Miss Spocom 2011) She gave me her heart (a cut out pink paper heart with her professional info) on this day, but really, I think she stole mine with concentrated emotive force brought forth by a daintily illuminating nature that is unobstructed and irresistibly embracing.

Michelle Yee – This grid queen grabs your attention in every show with a magnetism drawn from an inherent casual and relatable brand of elegance, which can lend itself into any atmosphere and morph it by the pure will and influence of her presence.  Casual elegance does seem a bit contradictory, but it is this unique ability to blur of the lines between emotional levels and states that speaks volumes of her adaptability into any compositional theme.

(Michelle Yee photo)

Monique Myriah – When shooting or meeting with her in person, you find yourself engulfed by an air of dazzling sophistication brought forth by an order and integrity of demeanor, which is innately majestic.

Nicole-Marie Reckers – One of the famous Hankook Tire Girls, she often delivers haunting emotional content through an entrancing balance and tranquility of manner in conjunction with a vibrant sweetness that is infectiously appealing and uplifting.  This versatility makes her primed for any situation especially for the busiest of events.  She was all smiles for this one.

Nikki Obra – With an unfettered emotive gleam, there is just something very liberating and appealingly active about her that celebrates the freshness of human experience, adventure, and youth.

Nikki T. – She just projects something very dynamically seductive, that is wildly untamed and unrestrained, rocking you out with an overdose of passion while also bringing you back to life with enticingly potent adorability.

Paola Shea – Emotively versatile in her conveyance of distinct emotional output ranging from the most pleasantly harmonious to the most enthrallingly penetrating, she has the potential to create varied and emotionally defined collections of photographic artistry.

Paris the Barbie – The name sounds like a hybrid of hotness, but I guess it fits with the aesthetic glamour and allure this model creates in the consistency of her glowing expressional brilliance, which alludes to the traditional conception of an ideal bombshell.

Raichelle Viado – With boundless spirit and embracing energy, she tends to be one of the most entertainingly vibrant personalities to shoot at any event, as your mind wanders through an intriguing collection of themes ranging from the most sensually provocative to the most laughably affectionate.  They’re all facets of this beautiful model.

Randie Raige – She captivates with a type of searing sophistication exemplified by the fine marriage of a fanciful fluidity of poise and enrapturing emotive focus, which is so penetratingly mesmerizing that every emotional response fostered is made exponentially more compelling.

(Randie Raige photo)

Roxy Ayala – Creating powerfully vivid and graceful movement within a piece of photography through expert thematic interpretation in poise, she always seems to hijack the aesthetic mood of a piece with the influence of her visual dramatic prowess.

Samantha Padilla – I don’t know what the deal was concerning the “big eye glasses look” on this day but, she was wearing these too.  I must not be from Metropolis though since I could still see the Wonder Woman behind them, a beauty where the duality of expressional strength and appealing gentleness seem to coincide and convey something visually charming.

Samantha Totem – A member of the gorgeous Motor Mavenettes, she represents her brand with a consistent feel-good vibe through an unwavering cordial glow that she expresses so completely and wholeheartedly through an effortless brilliance in her emotive projection that you can’t help but adore.

Siray Kong – This flow of sultry dramatic energy that she communicates with purposeful and direct expressive control infuses her photography with a sensually intoxicating formula of seductive allure.

Soniya Lei – Enthrallingly and invitingly subtle yet also powerfully vibrant with unrestrained emotive projection, she tends to create photography that is intricately multi-dimensional and conceptually intriguing.

Stella Marie – She references much of what we think of as angelic through a purity of sophistication brought forth by an integrity of emotive value, which is charmingly gracious and aesthetically embracing, framed by the majesty of statuesque grace and poise.

Tahnee Saromines – This former Miss HIN directs the compositional nature of a piece with a definition of expressional passion that juts out into the forefront with emotive power accentuating the mood or theme she chooses to establish.

Thai Marie Cali – Returning to SpoCom once again, this sweetheart always finds a place in your heart with a beaming jollity born from one of the most generous conveyances of emotive purity you’ll ever see from a single person.

Tina Lee – You may find yourself immersed in a wave euphoric tranquility when witnessing the refined grace of her disposition, subtle in expression yet potent in emotive influence. 

Tracy Linh – Delicately statuesque and smooth in emotive quality through a dramatic expressional balance, she continues to be one of the most awe-inspiring women to behold and photographically capture at any event.  

( Tracy Linh photo)

Yeonji Cho – With piercing and unwavering emotive focus, she directs the focal point of a photographic composition into the aesthetic depth within the steadiness of her gaze, which is mesmerizingly compelling and beguilingly thought provoking.

Pictures are worth a thousand more words that I can provide here.  If you’re interested in seeing more of everything I’ve been talking about concerning the 2011 SpoCom show in Anaheim, visit the Model Vanity facebook page at where you will be treated to 3 ALBUMS containing more than 450 PICTURES.

By:  Nate L. Some images also by Model Vanity Studios Mobile

So MODELS, if you see Model Vanity roaming around your showroom, don’t be shy.  We just want to do an amazingly long article that showcases each and every one of you, even if there are like 70 of you around.  Get known and show what you got!  Because in this business, it’s all about Vanity…Model Vanity…

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