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Monday, August 1, 2011


SmartWax Chemical Guys Model Mixer Los Angeles

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Once upon a time in San Dimas at a little event called Dubaggedon, the cops came unexpectedly, perhaps due to the fact the day was sizzling and the ladies were only exacerbating the situation with their hotness, which could have caused mass dehydration from all those onlookers drooling.  I wasn’t complaining, and I was pretty composed, of course, being around hotness all the time.  I train for this.  But yeah, I never told you what happened after that, did I?  Well, what if I said that through the girls’ mind-arresting gorgeousness, we were able to stupefy the authorities long enough for the ladies and yours truly to make a bee line for our rides, race off down the highway with the sheriff on our tail, who we alluded through misdirection, as we separated at a fork in the road, only to be tracked by deputies awaiting nearby, which we out maneuvered and devastated with tricky pit maneuvers and makeshift ramp shenanigans, allowing us to rendezvous at a previously designated spot where a burly lady named Jo awaited with a truckload of kegs and a bonfire?  Wow, that was a mouthful…of bull.  This isn’t the Fast and Furious…what are you thinking?  Don’t believe that.  No, instead the day ended with a grumbling of stomachs at the afternoon hours, and through the polite invitation of my friend Roxanne, I followed a procession of cars to the local In-N-Out.  Grabbing a seat with Roxanne and my other friend Michelle, both hot models by the way, we chilled in the shade of a table umbrella talking about girl stuff.  Hey, I have a sensitive side too.  Of course, my noggin tuned back into Spike TV just as I was taking another bite out of my double double upon hearing about girls getting sprayed in wax.  What?  No way.  Is that sanitary?  Anyway, whether that was going to be true or not, it was a going to take place at a car meet, which was pretty well publicized over the past month.  It seemed like an excellent subject for this latest Model Vanity article.

The Chemical Guys and SmartWax Open House Car Meet was held on July 23, 2011 at the SmartWax Headquarters in Inglewood, CA.  The lot wasn’t humongous but the ready line up of fine vehicles and steady stream of attendance gave you the impression that this was going to be fun.  Walking through, I found the warehouse opened up to create a stage for entertainment.  There, attendees were dazzled by the movement and grace of Mesheena “Mee Mee” B, who worked the pole expertly to everyone’s delight.  I found a little time with her off stage to get a little up close and personal.

(Mesheena B photo)

If you want to see more of her, she’ll be at the Oldies Car Show in the San Fernando Valley on August 7, 2011.  She’ll be with a Harley, I hear.  Hmm…I might just stop by to say hi.

Also on the stage entertaining the attendees was the energetic and acrobatic Rinna E.  I didn’t get to speak with her one on one, but I have to admit that actions speak louder than words.  I heard everything loud and clear.

(Rinna E. photo)

Soon enough, the car show models filed out of the garage in matching sunshine yellow.  The lineup featured some familiar faces that I had the pleasure of meeting and shooting in the past as well as some amazing talent that I had never encountered before.  Let’s meet them, shall we?

Have you ever felt that rush of adrenaline when you hit that stop light beside that sexy convertible, and there’s this bombshell peering at you from the side of her eye with a smile?  I used to think such a sensation could only be experienced in cinema, but then I met Alabama H.  The girl grabs you immediately with an empowered no-nonsense flare brought forth by her enrapturing confidence of self-expression.  In her photos, she doesn’t beat around the bush with subtlety.  There’s no mental foreplay.  She just blasts you right there where you stand with a concentrated stream of bombarding seduction delivered from the steadiest and most piercing of gazes.  In combination with a fine awareness of correlating her posture with this energy, which infuses elements of vivid movement into her work, she is able to create compelling photography that would keep an avid Maxim Magazine reader wanting more.

(Alabama H. photo)

I can never get enough of Diana Ochoa.  Her mind-blowing sensuality fascinates the eye as always as she seems to always latch onto your heartstrings and play that tune that just works for you.  She just guides you through a wilderness of emotion with a serene expressional boldness that shoots out into the foreground of any photographic work she’s involved in.  Indeed, she is a powerful presence to behold.

(Diana Ochoa photo)

I was happy that Kay Kay Quintessence was able to spare a few moments to showcase her artistry in front of my camera.  Kay Kay is the type of person that is appreciative and mindful of her craft.  Full of creativity and conscious of thematic elements and motifs that might be present in a piece of photography, a photographer is treated to quite an insightful experience upon shooting with her, where a true collaboration of style and method between model and photographer can flourish.  I was touched by the emotive versatility she presented in every shot but thoroughly awed by how fully she immersed herself in the dramatic elements, so much so that a separate, distinct identity and feel is developed into each individual shot despite the scene.  From irresistible adorability to commanding elegance, her work can present a picture book of characters and human experience, facets of Kay Kay’s dedication to creating meaning in her performance.

(Kay Kay Quintessence photo)

Vibrant sophistication is what makes Glennys Campanelli a treat to capture in photography.  Her smooth and inviting youthful charm tempts with unrestrained honesty, which in its sweet simplicity can ingratiate her with the hearts of the general public.  In other words, you can find her smile in that friendly neighbor you’ve secretly admired every morning for years while riding down that elevator shaft.  You see it in that best gal pal that’s doing bathroom mirror karaoke with you in party hats and beads.  The audience can relate with her.  Now, take into account that this friend or neighbor is a rock star.  Glennys really can “get her leather on,” as I witnessed through her display of well-controlled and powerful poise, which is so dynamic and innately well-conceived that it can foster some of the most exciting photographic work that incorporates elements of both movement and drama…well, this and the fact that she really did put on a leather jacket.  Hey, you can always put something on, but can you own it?  Glennys did and much, much more…

(Glennys Campanelli photo with leather jacket)

Lacey Bretado was nearby when I finished shooting with Glennys.  Through a distinct, penetrating gentleness, she is able to dominate a scene and communicate a clear message in a piece of photography.  That message is one of imposing glamour, which narrates the marriage between strength and beauty within the modern woman, a lady who can take control.

(Lacey Bretado photo)

I guess you could call this article a sequel to the Model Vanity Dubaggedon coverage, and if it truly is, aren’t you glad Diem Tran returned for this next installment.  In photography, the elegant tranquility of Diem’s style and manner is like an oasis to the senses that soothes in its embracing balance.  Thus, you can really capture something very enriching and pristine in her photography, which can be emotionally transformative to the audience.  I mean, if you’re having a rotten day, you have to feel great right about now, right?  (Hint:  Look down)

(Diem Tran photo)

You know what?  During the show, I had this sudden urge.  I said to myself, “Damn, I’d love to go to London.”  No, I’m not talking about the island nation across the Atlantic.  I was thinking about that girl who was working the pole a few minutes before and was conveniently approaching my position.  In my brief time with her, London Love presented to my camera intoxicating magnetism bred from her innate ability to draw out and sustain a focused air of seduction through unwavering and powerful expression.  Paired with a keen understanding of the relation between mind and movement, she is able to exhibit a dainty fluidity in her positioning that emulates the mesmerizing grace inherent in dance.  In other words, every photo you take of her has the potential to move you.

(London Love photo)

Soniya Lei is always a pleasure to shoot.  She really directs the camera with incomparable delicate force, which brings you to the point of disbelief as you find yourself charmed in the sweet surrender of her line of sight yet at the same time, impassioned by an accompanying dimension of pulsating sensuality.  Furthermore, she does so with perfect unity of poise and expression, which makes her all the more intriguing to photograph because of her ease at expressing and interpreting a mixture of themes simultaneously and completely.  Her posing, therefore, tends to overload your thought processes until you’re just utterly euphoric.

(Soniya Lei photo)

Tiffany Fairbrother was on hand for the event representing SmartWax throughout the day.  It was hard not to notice the bright-eyed blonde strolling around the show area, but I wasn’t sure if she was actually modeling for the event, though she absolutely looked perfect to do just that.  So, I decided to make my introduction, and it turned out she was just starting out in the scene.  As we got to talking, I found out about her passion for interior design.  Hey, that takes some creativity, a thorough understanding of economy of space, and management to do proficiently, and in my book, that’s really amazingly attractive.  You guys know I’m a bit artsy right?  But I know…I know…you guys are really concerned about exterior design.  So, I guess I’ll have to share with you this little tidbit I got from my session shooting with her.  It’s hard not to notice the smooth, delicate enchantment she imparted into the shot, which could coincide with the most immaculate of themes.

(Tiffany Fairbrother photo)

It’s time to raise the temperature a notch with Christina Smith.  Enthrallingly hypnotizing in her use of movement and poise to create variance within her compositions, she’s able to stimulate and maintain a level of passionate discourse between the viewer’s senses.  I only shot with her for about thirty seconds but the affect still lingers.

(Christina Smith photo)

You don’t have to spend much time shooting with Ryan Oso to feel the sizzle that she affects into your blood stream.  With chic and artistic sensual grace, she provides a focal point to a piece that is intriguingly statuesque and aesthetically provocative.  Her form and demeanor speaks to that essence of femininity, which we might have idealized only in our dreams.  Here’s proof though that dreams really do come true.

(Ryan Oso photo)

An image of Brandi Molina conveys a youthful clarity that reaches out toward the nostalgic.  She has a glow that can reference the innocence of the first time you saw that sweetheart eying you at the mall while both of you were being pulled apart gradually in opposing directions by the flow of your own groups of playtime associates, but she can also channel that slow motion Phoebe Cates moment from Fast Times (the broadcast TV version), all through the touching subtle transitions in her expressional control that creates dimension in her photography.  Showcasing a marketable mix of traits that makes her both relatable and desirable, she has the potential to be a great representative for any commercial campaign.

(Brandi Molina photo)

Michelle Strempke emits a refreshing radiance that can be at times gentle yet can compliment the most vivacious and lively of themes.  She just has this vibrant, active presence in photography that’s similar to that babe you play beach volleyball with, who playfully kids with you and then goes for the high five at the end of the game.  It’s this casual allure and familiarity to the common human experience that could allow her images to be embraced by a good proportion of the mass audience.

(Michelle Strempke photo)

Oh yeah…did I tell you that the Ms. SmartWax competition happened at this event too?  I didn’t?  Man, I’m sorry.  Actually, I take that back because you guys have nothing to complain about after seeing this…
(group bikini photo)

Alabama H. wanted to talk about the expression on her face in this photo after she saw it.  I thought it would have been elementary and obvious.  After all, she did win the title of Ms. SmartWax.  Therefore, Model Vanity would like to congratulate Alabama H. on her awesome achievement.

Overall, the event went really well, proving the size of a venue doesn’t determine the fun factor.  There was a lot of talent that I met that day, and a few I had the pleasure of conversing with again.  The Chemical Guys and SmartWax companies really did a good job in organizing the event efficiently and effectively to create the highest level of entertainment possible for their loyal fans, customers, and attendees, and with the great turnout of beautiful women at this event, it’s safe to say Model Vanity and I will be looking for their booths at upcoming events.  You should as well.

So, MODELS, if you see Model Vanity walking around your show room, don’t be shy.  We’re just here to make you famous.  Flaunt what makes you amazing.  Because in this business, it’s all about the Vanity…Model Vanity…
Photos / Writeup by Nate Long

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