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Saturday, May 14, 2011


So-Cal Import Nights Event Coverage 2011

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Long, long ago in a car show usually not so far away usually, there used to be a brand of entertainment that placed the term "Import Nights" into an almost legendary status. But lately, there has been a question as to what that term means today, the here and now. And suddenly, a beacon of light from the sky (or rather this number next to a calendar insignia on my facebook) flashed before my eyes on facebook. With my curiosity heightened, I clicked on the number, and there it was. The awesome radiance of those two beloved words: "Import Nights." But this wasn't just "Hot." No, it had two extra sylables. This was So-Cal Import Nights. Next I realized that I'm in So-Cal and that was a perfect fit for my situation. It wasn't long till I grabbed my Lexus and headed over to where the fun would be.

So-Cal Import Nights was held at AJP Distributors in Industry, CA, JDM Sport's West Coast Distributor headquarters. Despite the date being on Mother's Day, there was already a good turnout at the event when I arrived. Booths were set up as well as a stage on the side of the building. The music was playing. It was pretty good and then the JDM models came out from hiding. That just made it all the more better. Then, they told me they had to freshen up. So, guys, when a woman needs to do their thing, you let them do their thing. You'll be well rewarded in the end, as I was when the event really geared up.

I caught up with Jamie Lynn, who if you can remember from previous coverage was at Sideways Sundays and Formula Drift representing the Daily Driven Car Meet in Pomona. To tell you the truth, I always thought she looked like a model, but she never said she was particularly. I didn't want to assume anything. Now that the announcer was saying she was a JDM model, I just went for it. I hate to admit it but I think I started a mob as more and more photographers gathered around. Suddenly, an "I love you" is jokingly belted in the background from her smirking boyfriend. After that, a bit of shyness came about and she went back to her booth to kid around with her buds. But that's really Jamie, a chill fun-loving spirit. Oh, you guys want pictures, right?

 (Jamie Lynn)

Afterwards, I went around and found another JDM model at her booth.  Approaching her for a photo op, I was also greated by Jamie's boyfriend who was all the more happy for me to take more pictures of her.  I said sure (that's what MV status gets you, guys).  Jamie directed me to her car parked nearby, and we took a couple more.

(Jamie Lynn)

Jamie left me with her friend Jamie.  Whoa, that's like deja vu.  Jamie Hernandez was attending her first car show in the area, and I was happy to spend some time with her during the event.   

Ria Vee, who hosted the Sideway Sundays event in Irwindale last week, was back for some more fun with JDM.  We went car hunting for a bit as we tried to decide which one would be best for a mini MV shoot and caught this red beauty.  Check it out.

If you thought things couldn't get any better, the amazing Roxanne Catarina crossed the car show grounds onto the main village and dazzled everyone with her charisma and energy.  Representing the Gimmie Girls, she has a presence that is intoxicating to a live audience.  I've known about her for only two weeks starting on Sideway Sundays, and I don't think I've ever taken a bad photograph of her.  Even though she was busy during the event with stage and sponsor obligations, she still was able to work it for the media as if each photographer was just there, one on one.  It was an uncanny display of awareness and attentiveness to her craft.  Import scene, watch out for this girl if she comes knocking at more events.  Take a look and see why.


 Helping her out on stage and off were the two blonde bomshells of the Gimmie Girls Kristen Schon and Jordy Hunt.  They fully entertained the crowds with their awesome go go dancing and bright personalities.  Get it?  Bright personalities...blonde hair?  Sun reflecting off their heads...personality?  Ehh...yeah...but you might get it with these photos.

And you know how it is with the Gimmie Girls.  They're all about the teamwork...


Amber Grace was a new face on the scene, at least to me.  Haven't seen her at any shows before, but I'm definitely glad she's here now.  Let's all take a little gander.

Thinking about this event...really, I was glad that I came...because the C.A.M.E. girls, Roxy Ayala and Christine Zegers, were able to grace us with their extreme hotness.  They set up a booth in the center of vendors village, and suddenly the ladies had their hands full selling photos and greeting eager fans.  The photographers were treated as they walked the grounds allowing for some interesting photo ops.  Hope everyone enjoys these sets.


(Roxy Ayala and Christine Zegers photos) -
In conclusion, the event wasn't your big car show extravaganza, but that's okay.  It was a more intimate affair where people who really enjoyed the import tuner and model showcase industries.  It's the culture of beauty in automotive and self that is celebrated in these events, no matter the size or venue.  Beauty is in what people can make and in what people are.  A little beauty here and there helps.  ModelVanity is proud to share just a little tidbit of this with you, the audience.  This is how we roll.

So, MODELS, if you see ModelVanity roaming around your event, don't be shy.  In this business, you have to be loud and proud of who you are.  You know it's all about the vanity...ModelVanity.

A special Happy Mothers Day to all the mommy models out there.  You guys are great!


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