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Sunday, May 8, 2011


Ms. Iran Exoti-Lady Pageant Video interview Samira 2011

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Ms. Iran Exoti-Lady Pageant Video  interview Samira 2011
Maria Amor's Ms Exoti Lady Pageant is coming May 20th 2011. MV interviews Samira Ms. Iran in anticipation of the pageant event at the recent press conference.

My name is Samira Chatila, I was born in Iran, Tehran. At the age of six my family moved (me, my mum & dad) to Japan, Kobe where we lived for a year and then at the age of eight we moved to Thailand, Bangkok where my family still resides till now.

My two brothers, Hamed and Hesam and my sister Sahar were all born in Thailand. We moved there because Thailand is one of the centers of the world for jewelry business. My father Hatam Kazemeni, a man with lots of wisdom gave our family lots of opportunity to travel the world because of his business. Growing up in Thailand as an Iranian girl and traveling the world has given me an opportunity to see the world as a community where I believe interaction and communication are a key to a more united world where we live.

            I went to a British elementary school and then an international high school in Thailand (Ruamrudee International School) . Growing up in Thailand allowed me to learn about different cultures and religions of the world and to interact with so many different nationalities. My family was a part of many different international organizations and charity events which allowed me to see the importance of giving and not expecting.
I also had to learn about my country and represent it in so many occasions especially since we did not really have a Persian community there and I enjoyed learning about all the beauty and the positive aspects of representing my culture.

             The other positive aspects of living abroad were I learned the Thai, Indian, English and the Persian language all at the same time. I learned to celebrate all the new years and took all the positive points of each culture.
            At the age of 18 I came to the United States, Los Angeles, to pursue my Education in International Business and Marketing at Loyola Marymount Univeristy.
At the age of 24 I graduated and started my own business SAMIRA GEM CREATIONS INC, in downtown jewelry district.  I sell both costume jewelry and silver jewelry.

Then I got married to Edy Chatila. We had an amazing wedding in a hotel by the river in Thailand in 2001. My husband who is the owner of (Diamonds by edy) sells diamonds jewelry and diamonds.

We met in 1994 and have been together for almost 17 years. Edy is an amazing husband who supports me in all my dreams and we have a  successful marriage today and are happy in all aspects of our life because we have a great communication and an amazing loving relationship. Then I was blessed with my son Amir Chatila, who is 5 years old.

            Today, I am where I want to be in my life and have learned that success is not always what you have but it is measured by what you have sacrificed to get to where you are. One of the best joys in life is working and my best teacher has been my experiences with traveling and communication with people. 

            The three words that describe me are spontaneous, ambitious, and honest.

  I see things the way they are and I believe there needs to be more truth in the world. Through diplomacy we can always believe and say the truth. What you see is what you get.
            Since I have joined Exotifit and it has only been less than 2 months so much opportunities has opened up for me. All these have happened while running for ms exotifit Iran 2011. Maria has an energy I can not explain and so much good has happen for me.

The excitement of the media with Maria and the confidence gave me the confidence to go on   Persian TV (asre emrooz) to sell my jewelry. Every Monday at 4:00 pm it will be live and you can also watch it on under asre emrooz. I am also promoting to help woman who want to open their own business for $500 to be able to that. And on my first show I was able to that.

On April 27th Maria and I and Elena (Ms.Ukraine) attended a function where I met Palos Verde’s TV and Arshad Kazmi has taught me so much he had me interview several people from the pageant and the hosts and Maria on media appreciation on April 30th at Maria’s house and taught me so many things. Which helped me on my TV jewelry shows.  And I would like to further help him with other charity events. Which I am planning to do right after I finish my Pageant. That is one of my plans.

 I also was able to talk so freely about loosing my mum 3 years ago in all the interviews it was like a therapy itself. It helped me to finally decide to make an organization for families whom lost their families to cancer.  I am also working on a website that people whom are a victim of cancer or their families can go on the website and the one with the best story will be given  a piece of my favorite jewelry. Every month I plan to pick the one with the best story. So I want a website where people can get information and input their own. So like it would be a group therapy for them too. And where people would talk about different natural methods they are using as well. I would like to dedicate it to Sharareh’s cancer group therapy. Dedicated to my mum.

I am also working on a retail website which will be done in a week for my new line of jewelry. And a section for woman whom have their own business and how they can put their input to help give courage to other woman to start their own business.

This pageant has brought a lot out of me. I am pushing myself as far as I can reach and it is working. I am making lots of great connection for my self and for the pageant. I feel that there is so much to achieve and with all these I would like to expand my business and use part of my ability both financial and time to help others.I deeply thank all my friends, family, media, the pageant, exotifit, Maria, my amazing husband for believing in me in such a short time and I feel I have succeeded more than I taught possible.

“A journey of a thousand miles starts with a simple step” LAO TSE

Exotifit for Humanity, also known as a master creator of spectacular and artistic events, is here once again to deliver another brilliant spectacle, a new epoch of pageant focusing on prime women of today. This event will also celebrate Maria Amor's birthday. The Ms. Exoti-Lady World Pageant 2011 is a personal and social development opportunity for women at least 35 years of age and of all nationalities. This formal gala and party will take place at the Universal Hilton in Universal City, CA and will raise funds for a good cause. This event is for the benefit of Exotifit for Humanity, which promotes health, fitness, wellness, beauty and arts to underprivileged women, children as well as the disabled.

Taking place on Friday, May 20, 2011, this is an event you will not want to miss! 1,000 guests are expected to be in attendance, and the event will be televised by Time Warner Cable hosted by actress -Anne Hudson-Yager and Vayaconmigo host- Joey Valdez. Justin Chase Haulbrook will serenade the beautiful candidates with an exclusive performance while Maria Amor's talented and sexy Exoti-Angels and Exoti-Goddesses are also going to wow the audience with multi-cultural dance numbers! Red carpet is at 6pm and the show starts at 8pm. There will be more hot performances at the after party, as well as a DJ spinning the latest hits.

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