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Sunday, May 15, 2011


Katina is a techno wiz Model from down under

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Katina Fimmel

Modeling Website  


What kind of Model Are You?
Glamour (Studio work including Lingerie), Bikini, Spokesmodel (Speaking / Tradeshow talent)  



Body Measurements?

Hottest Physical Feature?
I'd like to say my eyes, but I've never asked. I think most people just notice my unique look. There aren't a lot of girls with my feature set where I come from.  


Languages Spoken?
English and bad english!  

Special Skills
I'm an artist and a bit of a techno whiz. I set up the stero system in my house. I love technology.  

Any tattoos?  How Many?  Plan on getting more?
I have three tattoos, a rose on my hip, pentagram from my goth days (funny, right?!) on the back of my neck, and a set of wings with some scripting on my lower back, but no plans on getting any more at the moment!  

Will you participate in Bikini / Gogo Competitions?
YES I love stages  

How Long have you been modeling?
Just on a year now. I love it.  

Your favorite designer(s)?
I'm not a very 'designer' girl! I'm constantly in jeans and a tank top - but like any other girl, I do love a nice pair of shoes, and I live in my heels.  

Favorite Supplement or Energy Drink
Sugar free Red Bull.  

Sexiest Man
Hahaha! I'd have to say my boyfriend Rob. He's ridiculously good-looking, intelligent and hilarious. I'm a very lucky woman!    

Sexiest woman?
I love Beyonce and Mila Kunis. They're not just downright beautiful, but they seem to have these cute personalities too. I love that about them.  

Favorite Digital Gadget?
I am addicted to my iPhone. I think my world would crash without it.  

Favorite Magazines besides ModelVanity?
I actually love trash/tabloid mags. I have a highly overactive brain, and I love turning it off and reading all the crazy, overblown articles. They're definitely entertaining when you have nothing else to do.  

Favorite Posession(s)?
There's nothing I'm really deathly attached to... If my house was on fire, all I would run out with was my makeup bag and my phone, hahaha.  

Tropical or Cold climate?
Tropical for sure. I've spent equal time growing up in both. I love being surrounded by palm trees and beaches. The smell of the tropical climate is so refreshing!  

Hyper or Chill
I can be a bit of both! I'm generally a very laid back personality, but I love to let loose and be a little bit of a retard when I'm a bit overexcited about life.  

Favorite Car?
I will save up for a Lexus.  

Favorite Music?
I'm actually a metal head, but that doesn't mean I don't love dancing to a bit of rnb or hip hop. I'm also a massive trance and drum and bass fan. I think the only genre of music I can't stand is country...oh...and pop-rock.  

Favorite Artist(s)?
My favourite bands are Tool, Muse, Deftones and Pendulum. That said, I've recently downloaded the new Britney Spears and Rhianna albums.  

Your Favorite Party town?
I want to visit the world party places!!!  

What was life like growing up?
When I was younger I moved around a lot, I've been to 7 different schools and lived in 3 cities so far. I had a great childhood and grew up with 3 younger rockstar brothers that I love to death. I think I'm a bit of a hybrid girl. Growing up with a family of boys made me turn out a little differently to most. I was a massive tomboy! These days I'll wear a dress and I love to get all pretty, but I'd be much happier playing videogames than I would be stuck in a room full of other chattering girly-girls!
After I finished high school at 17 I moved out of home and headed interstate. It sure was an experience and was a pretty rocky road. I've done a lot of growing up and self-discovery since then. Just over a year ago I switched cities (yet again), started the new life you're seeing now, and am feeling much more independent and self-assured about life.  

Where you popular in High School
Hahaha! No I don't think I was very popular at all! I had a group of amazing friends that I was pretty open and loved to be with, but I think to others that didn't know me well I was a bit of a recluse and very shy. I can't wait for my 10 year reunion. I'm going to spend all my time talking and getting to know everybody.  

whats the first compliement you get?
When I'm on set, people seem to mention that they like my laid back attitude and that I'm a friendly kind of girl...which leads me to believe that there must be a fair few snobby girls out there, but I haven't come across any yet, thank goodness!

How did you get into modeling?
I started with a modeling competition last year. There was a photographer there that I met. We took a few snapshots, and everything lead on from there.  

What was it like to pose for the first time?
I may have been the most awkward person on the planet! Because I was such a shy girl, it wasn't very natural to me. All fixed now, hahaha.  

Do you still get nervous before a shoot?
Not nervous, excited! I love shooting, it's a ball of fun. Seeing those results at the end of it all is always so rewarding.
What makes a great photographer?
My favourite photographers are the ones that I get along with and share an understanding of what kind of work we want to create. My favourite photographers I've worked with so far are Nick Peall (word up dude!) and Estevan Oriol. I was a initially a little star stuck with Estevan - I'd seen his photos of Justin Timberlake, Kim Kardashian and Snoop Dogg and had no idea how I would match up to the stars - but he ended up being a really down to earth guy and we got along really well.  

Favorite Female Model?
I don't really have one! There are so many models that I admire, (especially the amazing friends I've made!) always for different reasons.  

Greatest Modeling / Fitness accomplishment so far?
Well, as I'm writing this it's still on it's way to being released, but I landed a feature with Freestyle Rides magazine. I was really excited when they approached me. Their magazine is crafted with so much love in every issue. As a newer model, I'm feel really blessed that I'm get to be a part of it.  

Tell us your most memorable shoot?
My trip down to Sydney shooting for Freestyle and Ones Clothing. Extremely hectic, extremely unpredictable (I missed my flight home!), but so much fun!  

Any current exciting projects your working on?
At the moment I'm lining up some more magazines and features. I'm an Australian model, but I'm wanting to break into the international market. So keep an eye out for me!  

Ever thought about acting
I can't say that the thought didn't cross my mind at some point, but at the moment I'm focusing on modeling. Later on, who knows? I just take life as it comes.  

What are your dreams or goals in life?
At the moment I'm secretly working on beginning my own swimwear label. I'm obsessed with biknis and have a massive drawer full of them! It'd be a dream to launch my own line.  

Like to travel?  Where..
I definitely have a travel but - unfortunately it's yet to be satisfied! I'm too busy at home at the moment, but I'm hoping that in the next year or so I'll be making a trip to the USA. I would also love to visit Spain and Japan.  

What makes you feel sexy?
The perfect tan can change my entire outlook on a day, haha.  

Who has been the most inspirational person in your life?
My boyfriend Rob. For the first few months of modeling I was very unsure about whether I was really cut out for the job. He's always been there encouraging and supporting me. He's had to deal with a few tears of frustration along the way. He's a very patient boy! I'll also have to say my family. They've always had my back and I love them to death for it.  

What can fans do to support your career
I would love if all of you guys could encourage all of your magazines, events and everyone you know to work with me! Spread the word!  

Final farewell message to fans?
I just want to say thanks so much to everyone who's been supporting my career so far, I appreciate it so much!

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