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Friday, May 6, 2011


Grid girls at Sideways Sundays Toyota Speedway Irwindale

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With the month of April dying down and the passing of Formula Drift and the Toyota Grand Prix, I noticed this huge monstrosity of a time gap before me.  Basically, I was telling myself that a month wasn't that long.  The end of May would come soon enough.  It never really did.  It still hasn't.  But then I found out, I didn't need to.  But what was even better was the information that there was going to be a drifting / car show every end of the month.  I thought it was worth a shot.  Why not?  It's better than waiting.

Sideway Sundays was held on May 1st at the House of Drift, the Toyota Speedway at Irwindale.  Guests usually get stopped by a parking attendant during the big events as they collect cash for parking at some $30 event.  Guess what?  They took a day off.  Yeah, free parking at the event!  That was a great plus.  If you're a fan looking to get in, all you have to do is cough up $10 for a ticket at the entrance.  No biggie.  All in all, financially sound for you guys worrying about saving some cash.  But if you're expecting the fiasco of an XDC or Formula Drift event, you won't find it here.  I came in looking at the huge lot beside the track and found no show cars, but did notice people heading for the tracks.  Following along, I soon overlooked the tracks of the speedway where lay the all important car show, lined up along the outside tracks.  I could go on and on about the cars and stuff, but I'm working for ModelVanity, not know what I mean.  So, I was wondering...where's the models.

Gimmie Guy and his troop of gorgeous ladies rolled in around 10am, the same Gimmie Guy who brought over the amazing talent at the past Women of Perfection in Torrance.  I was immediately sparked by the pink and black attack immediately, so naturally, I went over to say hi. 

I first met Katie Donalson.  Katie is a looker from the get go, but she has that down-to-earth personality that is really great to see at a casual, fun event.  Graciously, she allowed me to snap a few photos of her, and soon found a great amount of strength and character in front of the camera.  You can see for yourself.

Kasey Chisholm is another girl that has a lot going for her.  Slender and tall, she has that natural alluring femininity that enticed my camera to take some great shots. 

Jenn Chinchaidy went right up to me and asked me point blank for my name stating that she didn't meet me with the others.  She said it in such a way that I thought I was going to get in trouble...but when I got to talking to her I found out what a chill girl she is.  During our little shoot, she was a lot of fun and was totally energetic.  She pumps you up with her spirited personality, which compliments her outer beauty just fine.  Jenn is someone everyone would love to see at an event again and again.

Exploring down the arched tire marked track, I really thought I saw a supermodel.  I tell was like that movie "10"...okay, maybe I didn't watch that movie through and through, but there had to be a slow motion scene with Bo Derek right?  Well, if not, that's what you get when you first lay eyes on Ashley Sparks.  She has that look that incorporates all those qualities you'd probably seek in that "California girl" with the stature and poise of a fashion model.  Look for yourself...

(Ashley Sparks photos)

The first thing you notice about Erin Van Straten is her adorable smile.  She's like smiling all the time even while you're toasting in the sun and walking by.  Hey, that's charm, and she definitely got my attention.  I was totally stoked that she was able to take some time to pose for a few pictures during the event with me.  As you can see, she's a total angel in every shot.

Michelle Ponce is a serene beauty that can bust out the subtle swag when needed.  Representing JDM at the event, she did that to full effect.

(Erin Van Straten photos)

I didn't know what I was in store for when I asked Roxanne Catarina for a few shots during the event.  She transformed every situation or and position into something visually enticing and powerful by pure will.  In front of the camera, she just exudes elegance, and I really liked how she used my camera to let me know what she was all about. 

(Roxanne Catarina photos)
(Michelle Ponce photos)

Rounding out the Gimmie Girl troop are the beautiful Karissa Foster and lovely Minnie Martinez.

(Karissa Foster and Minnie Martinez photos)

Hosting the entire event was the ravishing Ria Vee who did so in fabulous fashion.  When I saw her on the car show grounds, I had to ask her for a few minutes of her time.

(Ria Vee photos)

It was cool to catch up with Jamie Lynn at the event as well.  I first met her at Formula Drift:  Streets of Long Beach this year and was recently informed about a new car meet series based in Pomona, the Daily Driven Car Meet.  Check them out on facebook...well, after you check her out, I guess.

(Jamie Lynn photos) -

What's a car show without NOS?  So, I saw the booth, took a drink, saw Denise Tran, and like a douch splashed my back full of energy as I lifted my camera (I'm so freakin cool like that)...yeah, didn't feel it since I was numb from apparent sunburn...but she was ever so kind to try to get me something to wipe myself off with.  Total sweetheart and a total looker.

(Denise Tran photos)

Now here's a familiar face for you car show addicts.  I've seen Stacey Dee at almost every outdoor event this year.  XDC, Formula name it.  She's there representing NOS like none other.  Take a look at her set, and you'll find out.

(Stacey Dee photos)

All in all, the event showcased some great new faces to the modeling scene.  Researching their past event, it seems that the show is just getting started with participants increasing in every showing.  Though this is only the second Sideway Sundays event this year, I have high hopes for this series especially when it is in such a well established venue as the Toyota Raceway at Irwindale, a place known for its intense drifting action...and the fabulous women who help promote the ever expanding sport. 

So MODELS, if you see ModelVanity roaming around, no time to be shy.  You've got a gig probably because there's an element of amazing in you.  Be proud of it.  Because in this business it's all about the vanity...ModelVanity.  (PHOTOS AND WRITEUP COVERAGE COURTESY OF NATE LONG)

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May 6, 2011 at 4:09 PM

i wish they had this in canada!

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