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Friday, May 20, 2011


Bimmerfest Los Angeles Features the Hottest Import Models

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Every new years eve, my family always talks amongst each other about the possibility of watching Pasadena’s Annual Rose Parade.  The problem was that we usually stayed up late, drank, and passed out on the couch.  Wait a second.  That’s actually me and my pals using one of their girlfriend’s father’s luxury condos complete with room service and fluffy towels.  But anyway…yes, at times, it does come into the conversation because it’s like totally freaky how you can make everything out of roses, seeds, and stuff.  However, waking up at 3:00 PM on January 1st doesn’t help the cause.  So, we never go.  We aren’t that big on the football either, so there wasn’t really any excuse to go there.  Then, I found a few photos during my regular event researching and saw notable personalities such as Corissa Furr and Alexia Cortez, who have both been steady staples in the import biz for the past few years, attending something called Bimmerfest.  Discovering its venue to be that elusive Rose Bowl Stadium, I decided to embark on a new journey down that I-210 to the promise land…well, the land I promised myself to visit at least once.  You get the point.

Bimmerfest 2011 was held on May 14th on a grassy events park next to the Rose Bowl Stadium.  The drive was easy enough for me, but once I got off the highway, I found myself in a clog of bimmers.  At the very least, I knew I was in the right place.  I would have actually been taken into the show itself if not for some good Samaritans who gave me the space to bail in the tractor beam procession of BMWs.  Well, it could also be them telling me to get my Lexus out of the way.  I doubt that though.  Everybody at the event was really cool. 

I came in and figured I knew where all the action would be, a three rowed vendor/sponsor village surrounded by a vast sea of BMWs.  But as I approached the village, my sight was stolen by the lovely Layla Lu who was checking out some rides on the outside.  It was the first time I had met Layla Lu at an event, and it was a great experience.  It was hard not to notice her natural comfort and artistry in front of the camera, which was all the more attractive when you witnessed her genuine and amicable personality.  Injecting myself into her little band of merry men with cameras, I was able to snap some interesting shots on the way into the inside.

( Layla Lu)

    After hanging out for about forty-five minutes, which is what being with Layla Lu really forces you to do, I parted ways with a friendly farewell and headed off to the nearby Nitto Tire booth.  There, I was able to get reacquainted with Sabiy Rose.  I first saw Sabiy at Formula Drift:  Streets of Long Beach in April.  I just always get a feeling of immaculateness when I’m around her.  I think it’s the alluring calmness and elegance she brings to the camera in her visual poise.  I have to tell you.  It makes for some gorgeous photographs.  So gorgeous in fact that she had to laughingly inform me of the gathering crowd behind us.  I really didn’t notice a thing.  I mean...would you notice anyone else?

(Sabiy Rose)

    Walking down trying to email my live news feed of this event, I saw a flash of light blue out of the corner of my eye and a face that looked all too familiar face.  Calling out her name, she turned around and was pleased she still remembered me.  I met Joselyn Cano last year in Spocom.  You probably did too if you noticed her and Melissa Riso sporting the most amazing bikinis I’d ever seen to that point.  Then she did it again at RPM in Irvine.  I think I saw Joselyn so much last year that I even got a nickname.  That’s a secret though.  I’m not going to tell.  But here working for Toyo Tires, she was in form for Bruno Mars to start busting out a tune or two.  Joselyn gets you with that “Mona Lisa” smile she has.  She brings a little mystery to a photograph through the dimensions in her expression.  But I have to say that Mona Lisa never looked as good as Joselyn does in a Toyo Tire blue dress.  That’s for sure.

(Joselyn Cano)

    Next stop was the VMR Wheels showcase area.  My eyes met with the charming Amy Fay, who was surprised that I had recognized her.  She was apparently being sneaky at the event having recently cut her hair.  But can you really not recognize the 2011 Miss Importfest Toronto when you see her?  This isn’t a comic book where Clark Kent can wear glasses and not be recognized as Superman.  Come on now…Amy put her leather on, posing for some shots with me in all of her raddness (not sure if that’s a word).  However, it’s hard not to see the elegance and class she exhibits with every shot.

(Amy Fay)

I know…a lot of you guys are thinking about getting “a touch of Amy” in your lives.  What if I said it was possible?  Well, all you have to do is head over to and get in touch with one of the hottest import models out there today.  The site is set to launch very soon. 

Amy’s partner in being criminally cute for this event was the lovely Ning Deng.  Mainly a runway and fashion model, she came to the event to help out her friend from VMR Wheels.  I was looking all over for that friend because I really wanted to shake his or her hand.  Not really…that would be kind of weird.  But if you are reading this, friend, thanks!  If not for you, I wouldn’t have been able to capture such glamorous shots from such an amazing talent.

(Ning Deng)
Of course, when you have two beautiful women in one place, you have to ask for a little team spirit.

(Ning Deng and Amy Fay)

    Nearby, cutie Stephany Rose was hanging out at the booth.  I came over to say hi and my immediate note-to-self was “enthralling smile.”  Remember that movie “Weird Science” with the virtual girl made flesh?  That’s exactly what I’m talking about.  She projects a certain effortless charisma that surprises you.  It’s like you’d snap out of it at some point and find a bottle of that shampoo in your car she was promoting or something.  Hey, Kelly LeBrock did Pantene right?  Hey, I don’t hate you because you’re beautiful…

(Stephany Rose)

    Later, I found myself journeying into the very nucleus of the event where the major sponsor of the event, the HorsepowerFreaks, was stationed.  Giving out souvenirs at the table was beautiful Fallon Hawk.  When the crowd died down, I found my opportunity to ask her for a few photographs.  Graciously, she allowed me to do my thing and found out how well she could drown out event the darkness of her all black outfit with her radiant charm.  She’s a refreshing personality to encounter, though she did say she had just come off from a brief break from modeling (Editor note to writer, that might be a code phrase you must decipher for next engagement).  Hopefully, her appearance at Bimmerfest will be only the first in a string of future event appearances.

(Fallon Hawk Photo, Editors NOTE:  Reminds us of a the Brunette version of Bobbi Billard, former WWE Diva)

    Circling around, I found the Active Autowerk display where I found Nikki Kahea, who has been involved with companies like Tuner Playground in the past, and the beautiful Ranila Miyu Rodil.  They were covering their promotional fronts most effectively, gaining the attention of all those that passed by.  It definitely worked for my camera.

(Nikki Kahea photo)

(Ranila Miyu Rodil photo)

    But then the plot thickened.  I turned around and got caught in Jessica McCoy’s smile.  You know that first time you see that girl at your senior prom and the crowd parts as if on cue by some celestial director?  I wouldn’t.  My date left me for my ex’s, so I had to spend most of the night with an all too familiar naggy voice in my ear.  Okay…that’s a bad tangent.  But that smile…parting crowds…it’s just like that.  I think you could say Jessica has that look that relates with the everyday man, that sweet smile that you trust when you need to make a decision.  Then you find out she becomes a supermodel later on and you totally get it.  I would know since I took a lot of pictures of her, images like this.

(Jessica McCoy photo)

Soon, I suddenly it hit me.  Triangulation…it has to be.  You put three amazingly eye-catching women in a triangular formation on your floor, thus creating a psychic gravitational pull thing toward the center where other Active Autowerk personnel might be able to better inform the crowds about their services and products.  These girls are smart…

I think I bumped into Layla Lu and her buddies like five times during this event.  One of them involved this awesome dark green BMW with an air force insignia on the side.  I called it “the Tank” because the thing looked bullet proof.  With an awesome wardrobe change, Layla was ready to tackle the beast head on.  It’s safe to say Layla got through “the Tanks” defenses and took control.

(Layla Lu – Editors Note, we believe writer wanted this picture.  the "ASS SHOT" inserted, but he was more mild mannered in his description)

    Wikipedia says Avant-garde is a term that “represents a pushing of the boundaries of what is accepted as norm or status quo.”  Hey, if you’ve got a name like that for your company and you’re trying to promote your product, you’ve got to get some models that fit that tag right?  That’s exactly what Avant-garde did. 

If there ever was an incarnation for the term “bombshell,” it would be Jessyca Rayanne because she blows you away in every aspect like a W.M.D.  She’s got the showmanship and energy, which compliments the hard work she must put into creating such a magnificent “fitness model” physique.  I have to admit, I was telling my editor Oscar that I just about got a heart attack shooting her.  He suggested I keep a defib handy just in case.  All I have to say to that is the following:  “I’m only twenty-seven, mang.”  Heck, it could be wise advice though.  I mean, look…

(Jessyca Rayanne photo)

    I kind of noticed, but not really…but I think Kimama Bishop was giving me the “I think I know you from somewhere” look.  It was barely obvious but when I asked her if she was at Glamourcon last year, we had that mutual “Oh, yeah…” moment.  Sure, Kimama can give you a certain “no nonsense” edge that in of itself is very visually intriguing, but if you just wait for it, the sweetness comes right out.  Through this entire spectrum of emotions, she is yet able to keep a certain strength in her poise and demeanor which is actually pretty cool to see and shoot.  She kind of takes command.  I like that. 

(Kimama Bishop photo)

Both Jessyca and Kimama with their unique qualities embodied the Avant-garde spirit.

( Kimama Bishop and Jessyca Rayanne)

    Down to the final stretch of the event, I was able to catch a few photos of some of the grouped talent.  Always busy with eager fans begging for signed posters, I had to make it quick and simple.  Hey, Model Vanity takes its event coverage seriously.  You fans want to know how it is at an event?  We give it to you.  So, don’t ever say I never had your back here at Bimmerfest, guys…here they are…

The M1 Autobody Girls:

(M1 Autobody Girls group photo)

The Need 4 Speed Motorsports Girls

(1st pair of Need 4 Speed Girls)

( 2nd pair of Need for Speed Girls)

    Who would have known that my Spocom/RPM reunion would continue, but it did.  I was surprised to see Shanna Ferguson again after about a year!  It was cool how she totally lit up when she saw me. (Editors NOTE:  I have been fooled thinking it was me too, but its the camera)  Guys like that sort of thing.  But frankly, I was glad to see her too.  She always keeps it real at every event she attends.  As always, she exudes that California girl spirit, free and unabashed that matches the time of season…well, almost.  The weather wasn’t cooperating, but it’s supposed to be nearing summer.  But Shanna does that for anybody she meets, and she shines on through the photography.

( Shanna Ferguson photo)

*Shanna Ferguson in a video at Model Vanity CLICK HERE at 1:18 seconds in

    Then as I approached the final booth, a familiar shout of jovial exclamation erupted before me.  It’s Raichelle Viado!  I always told my friends who were looking for her to just follow the laughter.  That’s most likely where she is.  If you haven’t been at a show where Raichelle Viado has attended, then you have to prepare for some shenanigans.  The girl is a total goofball, and she’s hot!  What’s not to love?  I know all you gamers like that, right?  That’s why you have hot girls hosting the G4 network shows.  Raichelle is so that, totally fun and ever so energetic.  I think she’d hop on a table doing karaoke if she had a chance.  She wouldn’t beat me.  Nothing is at the norm when you’re hanging with her.  Take for example this…

(Raichelle Viado)  Editors Note, We plan to have a video Feature of Raichelle Viado soon, stay tuned

    Now this seems innocent enough as I was shooting her, but something happened to make us all crack up.  I’m not going to describe it.  Really, I think this is for Raichelle to think about and contemplate the deeds of this day.  Oh, how peace can be “corrupted” at times.  That’s all you guys are getting out of me.

    Raichelle apparently didn’t introduce herself to one of her cute Stealth Auto co-workers yet.  So, I figured it would be rude for me not to do the same.  Jessica Chenelle dazzled me with her consistent barrage of sensuality.  She channels something quite seductive with her eye contact and controlled poise that makes you think Maxim all the way.  I’d be looking forward to that issue.  Here’s a reason why…

(Jessica Chenelle)

    It was up to fiery redhead Kayla Herzberg of the Stealth Auto team to show me some flare before leaving the booth.  She succeeded superbly.

( Kayla Herzberg photo)

    On my way back, I spotted Dee Velasquez shooting with her photographer friend (i.e. 3.1415..).  This would be only her second show on the auto show circuit, so a fitting welcome to the scene is called for.  Welcome to Model Vanity, Dee…

(Dee Velasquez photo)

    Now, just as I was about to leave, I heard from a bud of mine that Christine Zegers was here.  I was like, “No way…where?”  Pointing me toward the Smartwax booth ahead, I couldn’t believe I missed it.  And I haven’t seen Christine in such a long time.  Okay…yeah, it was one week, but time elapses slower when you aren’t around extreme hotness.  That’s in some textbook I read, I think.  Anyway, I hauled my ass over to the booth to find Christine.  During our brief shoot, I was reminded of the persistent cuteness that usually barraged my camera when focused upon her.  It’s like that feeling when you just watched a Disney movie with a really hot chick in it and you just want to go to bed and cuddle up with a pillow…dream.  I don’t do that.  That’s girly.  You guys can see for yourself what I mean…

(Christine Zegers photo)

    Christine later led me to what I was expecting a happy and peppy Michelle Yee.  However, my salutations would not penetrate far through her distraught from a severely crappy day.  After hearing the details, I pretty much ceded the opportunity to shoot her in consideration of her wellbeing.  I don’t know if it was me or Christine that mentioned Model Vanity but she totally remembered the feature article Model Vanity did for her in the past.  She actually called me “Oscar” at first.  After she finished talking, I had to tell her that I wasn’t “Oscar” but worked with him.  I got a playful open hand smack to my shoulder for my honesty.  But she felt better after that.  Go figure…but really, I didn’t want to bother her while she was so distraught, but being the pro that she is, she insisted on doing it.  And you know what?  Every shot was golden like this one.


    I ended the event the same way it started, tagging along with Layla Lu and our mutual friends.  It was a chill event filled with fun and excitement, where people can celebrate life and the beauty that came with it (Editors NOTE:  This is a car show, celebrating BMW past and present remember?).  Faces, new and familiar, made the event fresh yet nostalgic, getting me ever more prepared for the summer season and the upcoming model showcase events.  Yeah, cars are neat, but I think people are a lot more interesting.  That’s what life’s all about, right? (Editors NOTE:  Invites Nate to a overnight Formula 1 Race to watch BMW tackle the heavy weights in motor sports racing.. nothing else matters lol)  I think this picture of Layla can sum up what the 2011 Bimmerfest event was to me and many others here…

(Layla Lu – Editors note:  I choose this one cuz its hotter then the one Nate wanted)

    Repeat after me:  “My life never looked better...”

So MODELS, if you see Model Vanity roaming around your neck of the woods, don’t be shy.  We’re just here to help you build your brand and that brand is you.  Show us what you got.  Because in this industry, it’s really all about the vanity…Model Vanity.

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