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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend Carshow and Concerts

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Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend at Orleans Hotel and Casino!

It was our first time experiencing a show like VLV RW.  It was hard to to walk around the show and not be taken back to a different time.  If it wasn't for cell phones, you would have thought you were in the 30s through 50's.  Girls on Roller Skates (not blades), ink body art everywhere, and plenty of pinups from all over the world, this VLV was full of an international flavor for something very Americana.

Some of the talent at VLV was Ludella Hahn (pinup, fetish and Fashion model - Burlesque performer, gogo dancer and actress), Amy De La Croux (your favorite tattooed model), Models for Vintage Suits by Mary, Shelby Sparkles, Devin Marie, The Satin Dollz, Bleo Lady, Pinup Girl Clothing Models, Andi Lyn, The Goons Car Club Models, Painted Pinups Models, Shonda Laurelee Mackey, Grace Lamour, Penelope Powell, Monique Dubois, Judy Belle, Sailor Jerry's Girls, Actress Erin Cummings, Bella Rockafella, Nikki Napalm, Kiera Brady, and many more!

The car show portion featured hundred of rides from the era of World War 2.  Dudes in Sailor uniform and ladies in the like dotted between the old cars and travel trailers in the area.  Many were brilliant for making props and backgrounds for all the beautiful ladies in the show.  The concert featured many acts and went on throughout the day.  The weather was perfect, you could even see all the chem trails being sprayed clearly into the sky...!

If you would like to see a full gallery of our images please visit our facebook fanpage for Model Vanity at  to check out the updates from our staff.

And special thanks to Body Art Bus for making a debut at this show.  And all the wonderful beautiful ladies that posed next to our bus at the show.  You can find out more about Body Art Bus at, the official tattoo artists of Model Vanity Studios!

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