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Thursday, April 21, 2011


So. Cal’s Natural Beauty Pageant June 19, 2011

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Model Vanity is proud to help this cause.  Please support in any way you can.

The beauty pageant market is growing exponentially with annual numbers of 3 million for children alone. The numbers continue to increase. One major concern is that the traditional beauty pageants breed narcissism while others feel it cultivates insecurity. Critics feel that pageants tip the scale of what is healthy for one’s natural development.

Unlike many traditional pageants, "So. Cal's Natural Beauty Pageant" has a meaningful purpose & emphasizes the importance on key aspects in life: Self-Love, Confidence & Acceptance of our true Beauty.

“So. Cal’s Natural Beauty Pageant” is also focused on bringing awareness to the U.S. Education crisis and raising money to improve learning conditions here in California. California schools are suffering from a dual crisis: one of quality and one of equality. Every day, hundreds of thousands of children go to school and do not have enough textbooks, a qualified teacher, a safe school environment, or access to a curriculum that prepares them for college and/or work. While California's overall system of education ranks near the bottom of all states, many problems are far worse for low-income students, students of color, and immigrant students learning English.

The purpose of “So. Cal’s Natural Beauty Pageant” is to promote Self-Love, Confidence & Acceptance for our “Natural Beauty”. At the same time we want to do our part in giving back to the community and helping our society with this highly devastating issue in our Education System. A portion of the proceeds will directly go towards our special Charity Group.

Who We Are:

Flourishe is a Social Entrepreneurship. Simply put, we work to assist with improving society's issues. Our focus is empowering women to be their best. We are dedicated to educating, nurturing and motivating by providing support and positive lifelong changes.

We support activities that lead to mental & emotional sufficiency, positive energy flow and healthy lifestyles.

Our social mission is to improve the quality of life for women. We want to see women “Flourishe” not only for themselves but for our children, families & communities.

Charity Benefit Group

Our mission at the Bright Path Children's Center is to provide high quality affordable care within a learning environment that is developmentally appropriate for children of at risk and low-income families. The children will experience and enjoy practices that will enrich their physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development allowing each child to reach his or her potential.

Our goal at the Bright Path Children's center is to guide children on a path to a successful future!

A Glimpse at Our Event Sponsors/Supporters

Our goal is to associate High-Profile names and companies with this event and so far we have one the most famous Casting Director's in Hollywood, "David Kang" as a judge; a noted Productions company, "Triumphant Pictures" as a judge; and the beautiful Maxim-FHM-Vogue-GQ model "Carissa Rosario" as our host! We also have "Local Matters" with Charter Communications (Inland Empire cable network) & Model Vanity providing media coverage along with Photography provided by Steve Bitanga & Rey Trajano! We are working hard to confirm more fabulous people to our roster!

Support services provided by: Ave 143, Dermix Skin Care, Triumphant Pictures, Model Vanity, Tomic Energy Shots

“Position yourself/business with a purposefully event and a social enterprise working for the greater good of our communities.”

How can you show your support??
Become a Sponsor Become a Donor Become a Vendor
Become a Volunteer Provide a Beneficial Service
Place an Ad in our Keepsake Program
Reserve Tickets for you and your support group

Please email us at for further Information!

~Cortney Ren'ae
President/Senior Coordinator

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