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Sunday, April 17, 2011


Gird Girls and Beautiful Models Formula Drift Long Beach

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Its spring and after spring break, we look for places that will have some of the hottest ladies in Southern California.  Of course, the car shows always are full of them. 

One such show is Formula D.  Frankly the show is never going to be as great as the old D1GP.  Frankly the Japanese setups and drivers are the best in the world.  Something about being a purest.  Its just better. 

Unfortunately, we don't see the amazing Japanese models.  However we get a version of mixed race and beautiful blond and brunette Euro babes that make our cameras work overtime.  So here are some of the hightlights from the show.  We don't shoot wheels or heels or some other bs.. JUST HOT CHICKS.. thats waht we do at Model Vanity.  So we hope you enjoy the photos.  And share your findings with your friends.

 Some of these grid girls (edecanes) are new to the racing scene, but once they smell the fine odors of mixed racing fuels.. they seem to fit right at home! 
If you would like to see the entire collection check out the galleries over at the Model Vanity Facebook Fanpage  These hot umbrella girls, Falken Girls, Nexen Tire Babes, Tecate Girls and many others are waiting to be LIKE'd.  Photos by Nate Long (MV Press)

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