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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Looking for Costume Designers, seamstress, sewing experts!

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Our client is looking for talented fashion and costume designer interns, seamstress experts and those who know how to create or enhance fashions with sewing machines.   Sketch and pattern making knowledge a plus!  If your up and coming or have no previous professional experience but enjoy or have a passion for fashion, we need to you. We especially are seeking those with experience with lycra materials and fitness and dance wear.  Swimsuit and bikini design experience is a plus!

Please leave a message or comment below or send a message to oscar <at> for further details. We are interested in Southern California USA located persons at this time. Thank you!

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1 Responses to “Looking for Costume Designers, seamstress, sewing experts!”

Jennifer P said...
June 22, 2012 at 5:12 PM

Hello Oscar, my name is Jennifer Petitte and Im very interested in the idea of gaining more industry knowledge and experience, particularly for this idea because I love design but particularly costume design. I personally make my halloween costume and lots of my friend's costumes every year. I studied design and I have experience in drawing, drafting, and sewing. If you would like to see my costume designs check out my halloween albums on my facebook. Look me up on under my email, any more questions please text me at 310-902-5744. Thanks Oscar, this is exciting.

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