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Saturday, December 25, 2010


Model Vanity Expo helps New Models network with the modeling industry

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Look for Model Vanity Expo Tour dates and locations in 2011And check out the video below for highlights from MV Expo Southern California.  All models appearing are new to the scene.  Many are first time talent working with photographers.

Some modelling industry backround.
A model or modèle is a person who is employed for the purpose of displaying and promoting fashion clothing or other products and for advertising or promotional purposes or who poses for works of art.

Modeling is distinguished from other types of public performance, such as an acting, dancing or mime artist, although the boundary is not well defined. Appearing in a movie or a play is not considered modeling. However, modells may be considered to express emotion in their photographs or video.

Types of modeling include fashion, glamor, fitness, bikini, fine art, and body-part models. Models are features in a variety of media formats including books, magazines, movies, newspapers, and TV. The models themselves can be a featured part of a movie (Looker, Tattoo), reality television show (America's Next Top Model, The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency), or music video ("Freedom! '90", "Wicked Game", "Daughters").

There are Fashion Models, Runway, Print, Supermodels, glamour, body parts, body double (acting), fitness modeling, bikini models and more.

A modeling agency is a company that comprises of modeling agents. A modeling agent (also called "bookers" or "model managers") is a group of people who manages a model's career. An agent help a model find jobs, book jobs, gives advice, and gives photographs to various companies. An agent may sent models to various clients and schedules modeling interviews (also called go and see).

A model does not have to work with an agent. It is up to the individual

Questions you may have when starting out?

How do I get started in modeling?
What are the requirements to become a fashion model?
How do I find a modeling agency without getting ripped off?
Do I have what it takes to be a model?
How do I find a fashion photographer for doing a test shoot?
How do I train to be a model?
Are there modeling scams I should look out for?


PORTFOLIO, sell yourself!

When it comes to modeling, your portfolio serves as your resume and showcases your body of work. Whether you are signed to an agency or are a freelance model, putting together your portfolio is one of the most important aspects of your career.
Difficulty: Moderate
Things You'll Need:

    * Photographer(s)
    * Outfits and Accessories
    * Portfolio Case
    * Photos
    * Portfolios

      Getting Pictures
      Before even attempting to put together a modeling portfolio, it is important to know what type of modeling you can do. Freelance models have greater flexibility in this area but should focus on a main category they will receive the most work in. If you do glamour or swim wear, then those are the types of photos you should have in your portfolio. High fashion models should have high fashion images in their books (another term for portfolio). Be realistic. If you are too short for fashion, stick to commercial/print and lifestyle images.
     High fashion images
      Use magazines and other publications as reference guides for the types of images you'll want to include in your portfolio. This will help you get an idea of the type of shoot you'll need to set up.
      For models signed to agencies, your agent will have a sit-down with you and advise you as to what types of images should be in your portfolio. They will also recommend photographers for you to work with that the agency trusts. It is in your best interest to go with the photographer referred to you by the agent. If you go outside the channels, your agent may not like the photos, resulting in a waste of time, effort and a portfolio your agent can't use.
      Freelance models can turn to online modeling communities as well as other outlets to find local photographers to work with. Be sure to look at the photographer's work and choose one who specializes in the type of images you want to include. If you are satisfied with their work, shoot them an email or give them a call to set up a meeting or shoot.
      Pick a photograph specializing in the type of modeling you do.

      Once you have found a photographer you want to work with, meet with him/her before your shoot to discuss the themes, concepts and/or looks you are going for. Explain what types of photos you'd like to try. From here you two can agree on locations, outfits, date, time, etc.
      Make sure you have everything you need packed before your shoot so you don't forget anything. You should have your hair and makeup professionally done as well to guarantee the best images. Agency represented models often have the comfort of having a makeup, hair and wardrobe stylist present during the portfolio shoot, while freelance models may have to do it themselves or get it done somewhere prior to the shoot.
      Once you have taken your photos, it's time to review them and pick the best. Out of the bunch you'll want to make sure to have the following among your images: headshot, ¾ body shot, full body shot. You'll want different outfits and locations to show diversity as well. Play with poses and give a variety...if you have the same poses over and over your portfolio will be boring.
   8.  TFCD - Exchange or Pay for images?
      Tearsheet Example
      As your modeling career progresses, update your images in your portfolio to reflect your most current work. In addition to regular modeling photos, include any tearsheets you get. These are pages taken directly from the published work you have appeared in. Tearsheets are vital to a model's portfolio because it showcases actual work, which is very impressive to clients.

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