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Saturday, December 11, 2010


Benchwarmer Models Toy Drive Colony Hollywood Ca USA

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5th Annual Benchwarmer Models Toy Drive Colony Hollywood Ca USA.  Brian Wallos and friends have collected thousands of toys for the Marine Toy Drive over the years. 


The following are some that have appeared in the parties over the years.

Alana Curry
Alex Agar
Alexis Lopez
Alicia Arden
Alicia Benham
Alika Ray
Amie Nicole
Araceli Panuelos
Brian Wallos
Camilla Cleese
Carrie Lee Dunlap
Catherine Kluthe
Chanel Ryan
Dena Anne Weiner
Harrison Forbes
Heather Betts
Holley Dorough
Jai Marie
Jamie Walsh
Jasmine Dustin
Jennifer Palmer
Jenny Arasa
Jessica Hall
Jessica Kiper
Joanna Krupa
Joanna Krupa. US. Marines
Katarina Vanderham
Katerina Vanderham
Katie Lohmann
Kenny Kweens
Kyara Tyler
Lana Kinnear
Lindsay Roeper
Lindsey Roeper
Lisa Cash
Lisa Ligon
Lizzy Valentine
Megan Fowler
Melissa 'MOJO' Hunter
Michelle Lei
Nicole Gray
Nicole Lloyd
Radhaa Nilia
Raven Lexi
Renee Stone
Robin Arcuri
Ryan Shamrock
Shay Lyn
Sherry Goggins
Suzette Lei
Tamara Witmer
Tanea Brooks
Teal Druda
Teri Groves
Tiffany Toth
U.S Marines
U.S. Marines
US. Marines
Veronica Rayne

HOLLYWOOD - DECEMBER : Alana Curry participates in The th Annual Bench Warmer Toy Drive to Benefit Toys For Tots held at The Colony on December ,  in Hollywood, California.

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