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Sunday, October 24, 2010


How to Win a Bikini Contest (in person)

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We dug this up from the bikini archives to share with our readers

If You Want to Win

According to How to Win a Bikini Contest, there are a few things that can make you and your skimpy bikini stand out among the other participants:
  • The more skin you bare, the better. It is a skimpy bikini contest, after all.
  • Heels make you look sexier because of the amazing things they can do for your legs. They'll look longer, leaner, and generally more toned in tall shoes.
  • Smile with your teeth! Look happy, approachable, and beautiful by showing off a genuine smile.
  • Work on your tan. You don't have to bake on the beach or in tanning beds to win. Sunless tanners work well, too. If you opt for a bronzer, look for water resistant ones. MAC Cosmetics' Sundressing line is available during the warmer months and almost never runs or rubs off.
  • Almost flirting with the other contestants-touching, for example, also wins brownie points among the judges.
  • Work out. This is another one that goes without saying! You have to look phenomenal in that two-piece swimsuit to win. For makeup, wear a light bronze smoky eye and nude lips. A peachy-pink blush and true brown bronzer combination like NARS' Orgasm/Laguna set is perfect for your skin.
  • Hair should look natural, but with lots of volume. Play up your natural texture.

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