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Saturday, January 19, 2008


Apparel-tly Not American!

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According to the L.A Times:

Dov Charney, founder and chief executive of casual fashion giant American Apparel, acknowledges that he has appeared in his underwear many times in front of male and female employees.

And yes, on a few occasions during work meetings, he donned a skimpy garment that barely covered his genitals.

But those events, he said, have to be understood in the context of the fashion industry.

As early as next week, Charney may find out how his explanations play in court, when trial starts in a lawsuit brought by a former employee alleging sexual harassment and wrongful termination.

The case is the fourth against him alleging sexual harassment. One was dismissed. Two others were combined and settled. He has denied the charges in all of them.

Charney's eccentric behavior in and out of the workplace has become legendary. Most notably, he masturbated in front of a magazine reporter interviewing him in 2004.

The case about to go to trial was brought by former sales employee Mary Nelson, who contends that Charney, 38, created "a hostile work environment" by using sexually explicit language and behaving in sexually inappropriate ways. During several meetings with her -- including one at his home -- he was dressed only in his underwear, the suit alleges. On another occasion, according to the suit, he appeared in a skimpier garment.

(The Los Angeles Times and other media outlets have been subpoenaed by Nelson's attorneys, who are seeking access to unpublished material. The media organizations are fighting the subpoenas.)

Nelson, 36, who worked for American Apparel for a little more than a year, claims Charney also referred to women as "whores" and "sluts" and invited her to masturbate in front of him. Nelson's suit alleges she was fired the day she consulted a lawyer.

MV says: It's not looking very good for Mr Charney is it?

And to say the least he has most definitely got form, our suggestion is put the mouse back in the house buddy, theres a good chap!

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